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UFO: little pink sweater

I started this baby ballet sweater more than a year ago to give to a little girl born right before Mr. O.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

Got 90 percent done – it was all knitted and partly sewn together – and hit a roadblock. I didn’t like the seams, I didn’t know how to neatly attach the wrap binding to the edge. I put it down.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

It sat. She grew. It sat some more. I swore off seamed sweaters and moved on to one-piecers. She’s way too big now and has been for many months.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

But 2015 is the year of finishing, of using up, of enjoying. So I picked it back up, decided it wasn’t bad and finished sewing her together. She will find a home with a sweet little girl who just popped out last month.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely


ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

Details here c/o Ravelry.


Baby blankets

Ok, they’re not clever. But I think they’re sweet. And I still have some of the teeny blankets my mom-mom made for me and for my baby dolls. Plus the crochet makes less noise than the sewing machine late at night when one of us feels like a movie.

john walter's blanket

Happy blankie, baby!

knitting madness

Now that we’re settled into new digs and I have established a one-in, one-out policy, I can pop into the thrifts again. And two of my favorite thrift stores are near my south suburban job. At one in Markham, I scored a big bag of knitting and crochet needles.

Number 19s

I don’t typically spend a whole $4.50 on one item, shopping the sale items even at the thrift store, but the giant size 17 and 19 knitting needles alone made the purchase worthwhile.

New knitting needles from Salvy - $4.50's worth

Also included were extra long 8s and 9s, shortie 8s and 9s in plastic (better for flying), a slew of smaller crochet hooks, and some giant sewing needles good for weaving in ends.

new crochet hooks

Knitting collection now

Original knitting stash came from an amazing yard sale in Haddon Township, N.J., while shopping with my mom and sister-in-law and baby niece. I think that was another $4.50 purchase, which included some giant orange plastic needles and a tapestry case.

My knitting is getting braver. I was only able before to do knit and purl in straight lines. But then this tutorial got me thinking about wavier lines, too. Like most of you, I have stashes of yarn and fabric that wants using – I mean, I acquired this stuff because I wanted to make fabulous things. So let the making continue.

More to come on the fans and feathers pattern results, including a teeny adjustment to make the texture more uniform on both sides (i.e., make my mistakes less noticeable).

I’m dreaming of a very feathery Christmas.