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R.I.P., dear button sweater


Somehow this little guy fell into the hamper. So he got tossed into the washer. Then into the dryer.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was joined in the dryer by some Velcro bibs.


“Boo boos,” Mr. Baby would say.

I cried. For real. For a few minutes.

It shrank. The velcro grabbed two places in the sleeves, felting them mightily. Kind of like scabs.

button panel pullover for mr. o

button panel pullover for mr. o

There’s a hole in the front, too. Maybe some ends came unwoven?

button panel pullover for mr. o

button panel pullover for mr. o

I started this sweater before I knew who Mr. Baby was going to be. Hence the teal panel.


I finished it after he was born, sewed on all those lousy buttons and dressed him in it as much as I could. I was new to knitting so this was a real accomplishment.



I’ve since bought cotton yarn to make a bigger, lighter one for spring. Such a lovely sweater.

I’m not sure there’s a way to fix it. Mr. Baby already outgrew it which is why it needed a wash. But now it’s super teeny and is full of “booboos.”

Boo hoo.

Bound: purple sweater dress

Bound and ready to go.

scoop neck dress done

The scoop neck came out great.

purple sweater dress scoop neck

The only think I don’t love is the buttons.

buttons i don't love

Will give them a run, maybe change them out after wearing.

Bias binding strips pinned right on.

purple sweater dress bindings pinned

Sewed right on, about 3/8 inch from the edge, with a little zigzag.

purple sweater dress bindings sewn

Trimmed and voila!

Trying a binding from some scraps

I think this is the best stash fabric I have to make a binding for this sweater dress refashion.

purple sweater refashion, binding fabric

Used it years ago to make a wrap dress for a family anniversary party.

There was plenty in the scrap to cut a long enough bias strip to bind the new scoop neckline.

purple sweater refashion, measuring binding

There were not enough wool scraps to do a self-bind, and even if there were, this synthetic will be less itchy than more wool against my skin.

Purple. Clearly I adore it. It’s exciting that my purples now are working in harmony.

Strange craving

I never crave Anthropologie.

It never occurs to me to even look there.

Only my sister in law gave me spectacle-printed tights and some giant bangles for Christmas she found at Anthro.

And now I find myself wanting this dress.

Right? How very sewing blog of me. Writing about thinking about copying Anthro.

But the ruching is flattering. Lovely color. Sleeves are good, too. I think I have a pattern that’ll do this. I think it’s even a Project Runway. I know I have some gray wool kicking around, too. I hoard fabric, remember?

So can I just sit down already and do it?

Crap. Now I want this bathing suit, too.

No wonder I don’t go shopping.

Quickie refashion = new dress for me

First I saw this:


And closed my eyes and saw this:


And with some scissors to take off the sleeves and some pins to bind up the arms and enough stitching to take in the sides

dress-black-wool-arms pinned

I made it happen:


I like using seam allowances from pulling things in to bind edges lately. I love turning garments too big for me into cap-sleeved things that fit exactly right.

And I love throwing long, long pearls and a little sweater over this now-classic dress.