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Sticking to it

Ah geez, such temptation.

Eve Jacket Pattern by Schnittchen

Been ogling this jacket for myself since Oona posted it. Giant hood. Quirky shape. Simply and delicious.

And today, stupid Vogue Fabrics sends me a discount code for beautiful coat fabrics in my favorite color for a very limited time during a Blizzard of Savings.

Wool Blend Bouclé Fabric – Light Texture Coating – Eggplant #21 – Vogue Fabrics

Normally, I would have snatched it all up and added to the pile. This time, I am trying very hard to resist. The temptation came so very fast though. They’ll have another sale, right? The jacket pattern isn’t going away. I can always give this a try when my other projects that I started because I loved them are done and thusly loved.

As you are my witness, I am resisting. For pete’s sake, it’s only February.

And fabrics

For spring consideration, stuff kicking around the house.

A gray and black and lilac on white rayon blend.

purple gray black white rayon blend

Gray twill.

fabric-gray twill 2

Gray and white leopard poly/rayon blend.

gray black white leopard rayon blend

Black and white dotted cotton blend.


Magenta sheer silk.

silk magenta print

Purples (except the velvet)


Purple on white polyester

purple and white polyester crepe

Fun, c/o Gaffney’s and Vogue, mostly. Yard sales, too.

McCall’s t-shirt in white stuff

McCall's 6164 fabric close up

Turns out there wasn’t quite enough fabric in a flecked white knit remnant to make this whole top, A, (pink) with the very gathered sleeves, or even shorter gathered sleeves.

But. The fit of this top is amazing. So’s the scoop neck.

I wondered, could I lengthen the sleeveless shoulders into cap sleeves, and skip the added sleeve?


McCall's 6164 T

I made a few other alterations. Added several inches to the bottom, taking the length as far as the fabric would go. And instead of trying a narrow hem at the top, I took a lesson from this McCall’s tunic neck and cut a band with a raw edge to attach.

McCall's 6164 neck inside

Sewed it in, finished the seam, pressed in place, topstitched on the right side.

McCall's 6164 neck

Fabric’s from the Vogue Fabrics warehouse sale in December 2010. Don’t know what I paid for the chunk by itself since I walked out with a pile @$3.00/pound.

Alas, I don’t think this bit had a tag. So I don’t know what it is, where it’s from or how to get more.

Silk and hilarity

Husband’s best man in his friend’s wedding.

And I happened upon a stunning eggplant silk at an absolute steal.

silk for purple dress

I’m deadly serious. $6 a yard at the Vogue in Chicago. Spotted it over Christmas, ended up going back for three yards. I let it sit, waiting for a dress shape to come to me.

Then I remembered this Very Easy Vogue pattern I had bought as a wedding dress possibility.


Loved the mermaid shape, the low square neck, the wide set straps. Hated the puffy or frilly sleeves, but those seemed an easy fix. Did * not * love the high back and couldn’t confidently figure out what to do about it.


I’m now going with the short one, since Mister asked me kindly not to show up the bride. Really, though, a long skirt won’t show my shoes. Really, really, I only have three yards of the stuff.

So last weekend I cut out a muslin from fabric (printed especially for JoAnn) so ugly I might like it now.

V8416-muslin fabric

V8416-muslin layout

Lengthened the sleeves a teeny touch. And I’m moving the slit to one side instead of the center back. Will deepen it a bit to vamp it up. Since the muslin needs no more alterations, I might try using it as the lining for a version in medium gray.

My curvy self has been waiting by the phone a long time for a dress this shape.