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Revisiting some old work

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

I made this for my oldest nephew for the Christmas when he was 1. His sister, who always gets a handmade Christmas dress, had a matching red velvet number with a big skirt — she was about to turn 3.

My sister-in-law, who quietly saved sentimental things, mailed this romper to me to see if it would fit Mr. Baby since he was only a few weeks older than her son had been.

The white satin is pristine, but the velvet crushed over the years.

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

I remember sewing this romper — and hating the pattern (Simplicity 4711) as I sewed it. The instructions were poorly written and not entirely clear. It was the little boy’s first and last Christmas outfit. We kept the tradition going just for his sister, which was good because by the next Christmas, his baby brother was about to turn 1.

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

Sadly, it did not fit Mr. Baby.

More hilarity to sew by


Easter Parade, but just the last few minutes feat. wonderful green velvet.

Cynthia Rowley, finito

Saturday morning.

Clean kitchen floor. Hot coffee, WBEZ on the radio.

Three yards of flocked velvet from the quarter table at Hancock, gray nap on a wine background.

gray/wine velvet on the ready

pattern weighted

Cynthia Rowley pattern, recently acquired (the one at the bottom).

By lunchtime?

pattern weighed down

One finished tunic.


Beautiful fit. Just in time for collective family party, too. It does need a belt. And a proper slip to go underneath. The sheer parts are super sheer. Maybe I’ll make the slip in nude to complete the illusion.


I love the hem — because there isn’t one. Just a folded band attached to the bottom. It’s only supposed to go with version B — the long tunic or minidress — but I’ll keep if if I make the full dress or the shorter top.

Five pieces, too. Front. Back. Bottom band. Neck facing — a simple bias strip I sewed as a French binding. Same for the gathered sleeves.


I can’t wait to make more. I smell a spring trend for this girl.

Jazzing up another little dress

Leggy little goddaughter told me she wanted a drop waisted dress for Christmas after she found out I was making one for her cousin. Problem is, the kid’s ahead of the pattern trends. So the 9-year-old wants a cocktail dress. I’m just the girl to give her one.

This Butterick pattern was the closest I could find, and despite its name (Flirt Girl) it still isn’t exactly right.

I used some purple panne velvet from the stash to make the C – with the round collar and plain skirt, above in lime green.

Ruffle - finished top

I ended up adding some elastic where the waist should drop. Sewed the sash into the side seam so there’s a knot on the other side. But then the plain hem felt… flat.

The answer, once again: A ruffle.

Panne tends to curl, so it’s a pain to measure, press and hem. So instead, I doubled a width of the 60″ fabric and basted it, using a mark on my machine to sew it even.

Ruffle - let machine basting measure the depth

Ended up with a uniform tube. 

Ruffle - join ends, baste raw edges

Trimmed the edges and pinned it all in place, starting at a half.

Ruffle - fold, baste and trim

Then halved the half, pinning, until it was all pinned in place, a step I’d never skip again.  

Ruffle - pin in place

And sewed it on with a narrow, long zig-zag stitch, pulling a little on the skirt fabric to keep the ruffle really gathered.  

Ruffle - finished skirt

There’s the finished number, pinned to the back of my ladyform. If I can find a long string of costume pearls in my travels, I’ll add them to the package, too. 

Ruffle - finished dress