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I *heart* growing

lone pansy

Was it Anne of Green Gables who talked about the pansy having a cheery face?

As of one week ago, this is about all you can grow for real in Chicago still. Though it has been the warmest April in 30-some years.

Wait! Greens grow this early, too. Here’s some future spinach of America.
spinach seedlings

I spent all of last Saturday futzing. Bleaching pots. Sweeping up leaves. Re-painting some planters. Enjoying the backyard’s trees.
backyard trees

I got a ton of seeds started though, in pots wrapped in clear plastic bags on the front porch.
impromptu greenhouse

These tomatoes seeded themselves, I repeat SEEDED THEMSELVES in the pot we grew them in last year. This will forever change how I put the pots away at the end of the season.
tomatoes seeded themselves

Here’s how we protect them when the nighttime temps plunge. Though probably that’s coddling.
tomatoes seeded themselves

I try harder every year to better use the Y-axis. Like by nailing a giant tomato can to the top of a railpost. Jammed some moonflower and morning glory seeds inside.
can planter atop post