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Baby faves = t-shirts

Mr. Baby’s favorite book is The Dark. Lemony Snicket. Like if he’s crying, reciting the first line of it snaps him right out:

Laszlo was afraid of the dark.

A few months ago, I thrifted a new package of opaque iron-on paper we needed to make a birthday present. Took another sheet to cut out and iron some Laszlos and a Phillie Phanatic onto Old Navy clearance T’s.


the dark




Dang! Wish I’d seen this one…


Also in the queue, some Gerald and Piggie.


All I want to wear anymore is cashmere

So maybe I shall.

sweater purple cashmere

High on the success of the T-shirt in random white stuff, I used the same McCall’s 6164 to cut into a boxy purple cashmere baby originally made by like Lands End or some other purveyor of quality, albeit square merch.

Here’s what it looked like before (ps- I bought it on half price day).


And the tag


I guess the ladies of Markham aren’t so into the cashmere, because there’s typically
tons of it on the cheap.

Finished it this morning. Am trying so hard this year to finish what I start.

sweater purple cashmere neck

I love it.

Am well on my way to living this winter in cashmere.

Voila: New dress from old dress

I love it.

dress front

And it jives with the manifesto. It’s something I will wear. Longs for tights.

Had I to do this refashion over again, I’d have taken more time to figure out the front closure to maintain it.

dress V-neck

But there was so little fabric left for facings, I ended up sewing it shut and doing a one-piece facing. My head will still jam through without much trouble because the V-neck is roomy enough.

I would not bother with a zipper. I’d also try a keyhole sort of closure on the back, too.

Zipped knits? Sounds like disaster.

I had to put the darts back. Tried some elastic shaping across the back but it was not to be.

Bulky necks are no good.

Kept staring at this sweater. Color good, weight good, long length fantastic. Neck… holding us all back.

sweater cowl

Ten minutes tonight with the scissors and machine and the neck is gone.

sweater neck pinned

I cut off the cowl, leaving about an inch all the way around. Wrapped the inch around to the back, pinned in place and zigzagged all around, being super careful not to stretch the neck out more. Trimmed as needed. Put away back in closet.

sweater neck sewn

It worked! (Trust me.)

Manifesto: Dress from dress

I’m trying this little dress refashion for fall, using the copious amounts of easy knit fabric from a giant honking shirtdress to cut out a simple four-piece dress from pattern Simplicity 3506. The original was cut from a border print, using the fabric’s variations to make different pieces of the dress. The belt’s all cut from stripes.

(There’s the original dress, opened up at the sides.)

Been staring at the dress a minute, deciding whether to take it in or just start over. And used the MANIFESTO to determine it’s worth cutting into a new dress:

This dress has lots of darts:
#5. I have a curvy body that needs a little harnessing. When the fits is right, wow. When it’s not, I want to tear up the photographic evidence.

And a good V-neck: #2 I wear open necks, not high ones. When my bosom gets buried under a lot of fabric, I feel giant. And I like necklaces more than other jewelry.

It’s easy knit:
#10 I hate ironing and don’t do it.

And it’s a pretty basic dark print, dark enough, I think to be un-regretted:
#9 I like easy dresses, too. I end up regretting most prints (save leopard). I’d rather let my jewelry do the talking. I love prints as sneaky inside peeks: pockets, trims, linings.

So it seems like a worthwhile project. I’ve jumped in, traced the main pieces and cut.

Figures I didn’t photograph its “before” status. Someday.