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Damn damn damn tiny waist!

Look what I found.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Purple, rustly party dress.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Dropped waist, square neck, little  cap sleeves, back straps I’ve never seen before.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Feels and moves and sounds like silk taffeta.

And it’s made by a talented designer, sold originally in an exclusive shop.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

But damnit! The tiny waist! The teeny tiny waist.

I can’t risk hurting it. I love this dress too much to harm it. Someone else should have it.

Little girl Christmas dress: the purple version

I give my niece a handmade Christmas dress every year.

christmas tulle pins

She was about to turn 6. She might be done, next year, with giant spinning dresses. Her mother and I seized the moment, picked a giant spinning pattern.

This year, after Christmas when I landed, the sweetness went to her room to put the thing on so I could see it. Added the little embroidered gloves I sent and a silver shrug too.

It was a long time coming together. My mother helped me pick the fabric during a fall visit here.

Underlined the taffeta from the stash.

christmas dress pieces

Added the back zipper I swear matched up originally.

christmas bodice back

Handstitched the lining into the bodice so the stitches wouldn’t show.

christmas bodice lining

Added little tulle flowers made from the silver underskirt on pins so she could move them around.

christmas dress finished

Packed the whole thing with a little sweater and gloves, each marked 1-2-3.

gloves embroidered

christmas dress finished!

The Dress

I never thought about weddings as a child or young woman. I guess I hoped I’d find a friend to spend my life with, but how the party went down I knew not. And from going to a whole big bunch of weddings in my 32 years, I knew I wanted the day and the occasion to fit the people involved, not the other way around. Because it’s not a dream, it’s a happy day.

The one thing I did think about was the dress. I started sewing in high school while broke at a prep school. Figured out pretty quickly I could have really amazing dresses for dances if I made them myself. So every time there was some special event, I made a dress: senior prom and college graduation ball. I sewed for my sister when she wanted something particular, too. 

Of course, I must have thought, I’d make my wedding dress. Buying ready-made polyester  satin made in China wasn’t going to cut it, and I wanted a simple enough shape. Even the plainest silk dress I tried on had four digits. The two I liked best would have more than doubled what I wanted to spend, with all the alterations. In fact the alterations on the last dress I considered were going to run about what I wanted to spend on fabric. Also, I live in the city home to Fishman’s Fabrics. Also, another amazing place called Vogue Fabrics

So why not blow the budget on the silk and screw the formality? Tell the bridal shopladies to keep their dreams because I’m going to make a dress? 

So here goes. Vogue pattern 2931 (sans bow and w a few other alterations). Gold silk taffeta obtained from Fishman’s, lined with the sleekest, softest gold silk from Vogue Fabrics.