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Hello, hibiscus

Good morning, charming flower.

hibiscus face
It was a totally lousy morning, too. So overcast, the flash kicked in automatically.

hibiscus dark

hibiscus bright

Bet this is the  last one of the season. So many buds got knocked off during bad thunderstorms earlier this summer.

hibiscus tomato can

There’s a stunner of a glory too in dark purple.

If you ask my garden, it’s still summer.



My garden is even glorious-er now

What with bursts of rain and heat. Stink tree’s constant rain of putrid pollen notwithstanding, it’s been a very gardeny sort of spring. And my pots survived some terrible storms. Or I would have cried for real.

The succulent bowl is back at it, replenished.

succulent bowl after some prodding

The stairs are blooming.
garden on a stair

This chamomile seeded itself.

chamomile seeded itself

Bees buzz in these dangly flowers by the fence.

bee flowers

Nothing makes me happier than growing things.