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The waiting game, UPS style

Coming soon to my house and garden:

Hurry up, Mr. Mailman, before it gets cold again!


My garden is even glorious-er now

What with bursts of rain and heat. Stink tree’s constant rain of putrid pollen notwithstanding, it’s been a very gardeny sort of spring. And my pots survived some terrible storms. Or I would have cried for real.

The succulent bowl is back at it, replenished.

succulent bowl after some prodding

The stairs are blooming.
garden on a stair

This chamomile seeded itself.

chamomile seeded itself

Bees buzz in these dangly flowers by the fence.

bee flowers

Nothing makes me happier than growing things.

My ‘garden’ is glorious

There was a weird Saturday recently where I was up and bopping about, thrilled to be awake (?!) by 6 a.m.

So I poked at garden until a little before 9.

Stair garden, before:
stairfall, 6:30 a.m. before I dug in

The lemon balm in the top seeded itself. The oxalis in the middle slept all winter on the back steps, looked very d-e-d, then sprang to life once left outside. The bottom layer of lettuce is proving delicious.

cascade of lemon balm, oxalis, groundcover

To the far right, a pot of delicious-looking NOPALES. The strawberry pot is ancient, a long-ago birthday present from my bigger brother.

Hens and chicks, multiple varieties, from stores and yard sales. Who’d have thought they’d stay perennial here?
hens and chicks

hens and chicks - cobwebby kind

hens and chicks, yard sale edition

Perennial groundcovers for the succulent bowl:
succulent groundcover, yard sale edition

Fuzzy things from the Master Gardener plant sale:
fuzzy kalanchoe?

And my temperamental succulents that live in the house all the time, flourishing on back window sill:
succulents, indoors