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Stalling with pickles

I’m supposed to be finishing a dress. Instead I made pickles, the Middle Eastern kind I used to eat with chicken shawarma and garlic sauce. You pickle turnips with beet slices, garlic slices and salt-vinegar brine.

Super easy since you don’t cook the turnips or beets. Just peel and slice.

Layer. Fill with brine.

pickles getting packed

Watch the magic happen! (The left jar has brine in it, the center one does not)

pickles starting out

Seal ’em up.

pickles in the pot

And let them sit. And sit and sit and sit. About three weeks.

pickles! one hour later

The beets will sort of blanch as the turnips turn a furious fuchsia. I can’t wait.

(ps- I use a recipe from this beloved book by Tess Mallos – The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook)