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Glitch in the spring sewing plan

More white stuff came down today, not tons like before but still enough to make me stay the heck home.

pots under snow

porch under snow

window in snow

indoor garden

Great, just great

I mean that for real. Because despite 60+ sunny temps all week, today it is snowing like a banshee.

March misery

My garden pots are coated with snow.

My garden so far

Not a dainty snowfall, either. It’s a proper storm.

Snows of March

What a day to cut and baste?!

Winter gardening

Little tiny bit of growing on the homefront, despite a recent evening snowfall.

Snow covered my pots

First, Frosty the fuzzy echeveria has decided to procreate.

Frosty is a mother!

There are two teeny fuzzies popping up from the stem.

Then, on the gangly cane plant I rescued from they alley a few summers ago, there are spouts on the two stalks I lopped off in the fall. 

Pruned plant sprouts!

Tons of sprouts. Three on one, four on the other.

Come spring, I’m going to lop the other two. Their tops are so raggedy.

Non-pruned stalk has a raggedy top

Bottle browns

There’s a thundersnow going on this afternoon, and the dreariness is almost more than I can stand. I spent lunch yesterday fetching some gorgeous plants from a charming craigslist guy about to move — a giant umbrella plant as tall as me in a lovely green pot, fleshy aloe with tall spikes, a flourishing prayer plant — good thing yesterday because today would have been too cold to drive with the umbrella plant sticking out of an open window.

Blah. So in a kitchen bursting with new green plants, I prepare for summer. I threw some awful pastel stuff into dye baths on the stove. A cotton candy pink cardigan with puffy sleeves.

pink cardigan before

The cutest dusty rose Philly Girls shirt.


A pale green knit dress I already shortened. A fantastic tube dress in a weird beige.

Into the tub! I stir as the snow falls. I check the time when the thunder claps. I will be ready when the sun shines, ready in sundresses and cardigans, in hemmed pants that fit right, in t-shirts cute enough to bike around in. It’s my inaugural Rit.

Make hay while the sun shines; make clothes while the snow keeps coming down.

In the end, Philly t-shirt a lovely darker wine color.


Both dresses a wonderful brown. But the bright pink cotton cardigan came out patchy. Reading about Rit, I think it got tangled on other stuff. Wonder if I can throw it back into the dye bath by itself tomorrow? Couldn’t hurt.