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Dear old friend

my singer my friend

When can I see you again?

Zippety doo dah!

Huzzah! After much online shipping stalking, my new feet arrived!

A good run on etsy funded this little purchase:

  • One zipper foot for a fussy old slant-shaft Singer that would not take the store-bought zipper foot
  • One narrow hemming foot
  • and the slant shank to hold them all together.

foot, zipper, hemming, singer, stylist 776

I’m this company’s newest fan.

They charged for a priority envelope’s worth of shipping and let me cram in what fit. I called to make sure the parts would fit my Singer Stylist and the lady who answered totally hooked me up. Also when you place an order, you have to enter the machine model # you’re using the parts on. Did I mention there also was an online 20% off coupon? Looking back, I should have ordered more.

Thank you, Sewing Machines Plus.

I can finish up some stuff properly, now, like that poor little purple pocketed dress languishing in a box.

zipper waiting to be set

It was getting really lonely avoiding zippers.

But I love you, Stylist 776

The difficulty in finding feet to fit my darling Singer Stylist 776, the one I’ve been sewing on since, you know, 1990, is making me start to think it could be time to, um, get a new one.

This slant shaft foot from Hancock Fabrics didn’t quite fit. It screwed on, but didn’t sit straight and resulted in test stitches with incredibly uneven tension.

Internet searches are turning up feet that *look* like they’ll work but Stylist 776 isn’t among the listed machines they’ll fit.I’d happily pony up for a slant shank and some snap-on feet. I just want to know they’ll work on 776.

Stylist 776 never turns up. And that’s my concern.

Is it time to ask Santa for a new sewing machine?

Singer dressed me at dances throughout high school. It sewed tiny things for beloved new babies. And it made me a kickass gold wedding dress, too.

We’re old friends. I don’t want to just give up on him. He was made the year I was born. But I want to sew better, make higher quality things and I need help from things like real zipper feet to do that.


My beloved Singer Stylist 776

…is being repaired by a professional from Crown Point, Ind., who informed me that when I replaced the gears, a simple task in and of itself, I threw off the machine’s timing.

He’s got my friend for a good week to tune her up and reset the timing. I’ve been reading of course about timing and what it means for the next time. Meanwhile, I will cough up the $78 for a real tune-up and a timing reset and rejoice come Friday when I get the 776 back.

Meanwhile, also, I can’t do a darn thing but drool over clothes I can’t make.


Like while I was watching on Svengoolie (again) last weekend, “I Saw What You Did,” and Joan Crawford’s necklace stole the show. Her dress, too. I need a dress like that to show off a fantastic neckpiece.

joan necklace


Man down

My sewing machine’s broken. A rubber cog lost some teeth. The thing is older than Jesus so I can’t say I’m surprised. Pulled the bottom off last night after the needle kept jamming and found, among half a pound and 30 years of lint, the worn-out spot on the cog. All I could think was

Damn! This timing stinks since I have Monday off and a couple of projects to finish.

But then:

W’shew! It didn’t break in April when I was under the gun on my wedding dress.

Anybody know where a girl in Chicago can get an old Singer repaired?