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Three days away from home

thanks to the Chicago blizzaster of 2011.

Back home now, parking spot shoveled out by hand, muscles aching.

No sewing for a minute. I can’t get down on the floor to trace or cut.

Will maybe look at shoes. Like these:


Get out of Jail

Time to play this card. I bought a few new things from a retail store. The Filene’s Basement near my job is closing, and the sales are amazing. I confess I got sent there to talk to shoppers about how they were resisting or succumbing to going-out-of-business sales, and while in the shoe department, fell in love. 

So I walked out with black leather shoes with heels I’ve coveted that at $35 are a whole digit less than the Nordstrom originals. A WHOLE DIGIT. Like a zero on the end. The teal was cute but impractical. You can imagine my excitement at spotting these.  

New leather shoes

New leather shoes

A swingy square neck black knit dress with inbetween sleeves in year-round weight that was $6 when all the discounts kicked in

New black knit dress

Also various brand-name underwear. Truth is, I might go back for more.

Though I have to put my card down, there’s no guilt for this girl. Because I still thought like a Refashioner while choosing these few things. They’re well-made and only cost so little because the store is liquidating. All three are needs – the shoes will go to work, the dress is super versatile, underwear speaks for itself – and all three are beyond my skill set as a crafter. 

Sure, I could focus on sewing knits, but  I’ve decided to sew my own wedding dress (more to come on that process), and am making that happen as we speak, so time for any other sewing just doesn’t exist.

In fact, my big refashion this week is a pair of brown leather boots that needed a tiny adjustment to be comfortable again. A lousy $1.35 is all it took. How lazy have I been, really?

You ready for this one?



thrift therapy

As I write these words I know they’re wrong. I know it’s wrong to deal with emotional turmoil using a shopping cart. I’m also having quite a time at my job, and am tired to singing the same song to my Crafty Mister, who, to his credit, doesn’t tire of hearing it.

My office is in a terrible part of the Chicago area, in a built up McMansioned, retail hell containing fake-blue-water fountains, “upscale” chain stores and restaurants, and flocks of entitled drivers of ridiculous, expensive vehicles. Also, it’s 22 miles from my home and though we changed offices this year, the Powers did not even consider proximity to public trans for the 5 of us (out of 9) who live in the city, close to said public trans. Grrrrr.

The only upside to working in awful materialistic suburbs is the thrifting (grocery shopping is convenient, too) . A-holes who live at malls shed a lot of clothing, and leave all kinds of quality merch at 2 particular Salvy stores – one on the way home, one that requires a little more of a trip. And since my taste differs from the Mexican ladies who shop the one, and the Polish and Palestinian ladies at the other, I usually hit the jackpot.

Last week while passing each store, I stopped in.

Bunch of these goodies will go to Etsy. Bunches of the purple sort will stay in my closet where they await me.

I used to skeeve thrifted shoes because they’re harder to clean than your standard hot-water-washable blouse. But now that most shoes are made so cheaply from “man-made materials,” I prefer the older leather ones. Can’t always drop $90 on a single quality pair, especially a pair meant for fun, and I don’t want to drop that on shoes that only go to the hated office.

Ashamed to say I feel better.