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And it only took until October

Moonflower! How beautiful. You were worth the wait since March when I planted those seeds…



Now start growing

moonflower inside


moonflower popped

season of change

The sun has shown its face in Chicago after a dreadful winter. Time to think again about the Growing. Couldn’t do it before – it was way too depressing to think about green stuff when it was still so far away.

Sunday Tribune claims it’s warm enough to start growing greens – spinach, arugula (rocket), and the heavy lifters – kale, collards and all.

O happy day! Last Saturday, while it SNOWED and SLEETED, I fired up the old pots and planted. By this past Saturday, teeny seedlings were up and flourishing in their starter homes.

Basil in a glass pickle jar.

Cherry tomatoes in plastic pretzel jars. Heirloom tomatoes in a small terrarium.

Squash, zucchini, sunflowers and cucumbers in little terra cotta pots. Squash already looks strong enough to choke me in my sleep.

Spinach, mustards, spinach mustards and beets in a long window box.

Dill, lettuce and cress in whatever was left.

I *know* it’s a while still before the plants – save the greens – can go outside. Gives us time to master hypertufa crafting so the bigger stuff will have containers to grow. And our mamas will enjoy homemade Mother’s Day fare.

And I *know* we only have containers to plant in our shared Chicago backyard. But those mama gifts will need filling, too.