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Happy Birthday, little friend

The friend in question is growing up in a super fun, amazingly colorful — some might say psychedelic — household. His parents took down their backyard zipline so they could put in a climbing wall. Giant gardens, lots of bonfires, a million choices of tea.

In sum, his family’s a total hoot. I often wish we lived closer.

Hence this sweater.

cardigan because joel is one

Color-changing rainbow yarn, simple cardigan pattern, vintage blue buttons from the stash.

cardigan because joel is one

cardigan because joel is one


cardigan because joel is one

I ended up knitting this on 11s instead of 10s. I wanted the knit to be loose for the spring rather than tight and bulky for winter. That might have been a misstep; it’s a bit big.

cardigan because joel is one

One skein did it. Here’s all that remained.

cardigan because joel is oneFull details on my Ravelry page here.


Also late: a little love

Valentine’s style.

Better late than never.

My favorite Simplicity 9958. Two identical pieces, takes only about a yard of fabric.

This is the only boxer pattern I’ve ever used for Mr. Husband and we’ve customized it a bit to suit his taste. Shorter legs. Velcro dots across opening. Nice underwear elastic.

Take ratty silver sweater set; make silver shrug

christmas dress finished!

The little shrug used to be a Tommy Hilfiger sweater set in white and silver.

sweater silver

sweater silver tag

Who knows what I spilled on it?

sweater silver gross

Or how the undershirt turned pink?

sweater silver inside

I turned it into a shrug for the Christmas dress, using the little included pattern.

shrug pattern

The long sleeves, once cut off and opened up, provided the last of the fabric for the four piece little jacket.

shrug from sleeves

Little girl Christmas dress: the purple version

I give my niece a handmade Christmas dress every year.

christmas tulle pins

She was about to turn 6. She might be done, next year, with giant spinning dresses. Her mother and I seized the moment, picked a giant spinning pattern.

This year, after Christmas when I landed, the sweetness went to her room to put the thing on so I could see it. Added the little embroidered gloves I sent and a silver shrug too.

It was a long time coming together. My mother helped me pick the fabric during a fall visit here.

Underlined the taffeta from the stash.

christmas dress pieces

Added the back zipper I swear matched up originally.

christmas bodice back

Handstitched the lining into the bodice so the stitches wouldn’t show.

christmas bodice lining

Added little tulle flowers made from the silver underskirt on pins so she could move them around.

christmas dress finished

Packed the whole thing with a little sweater and gloves, each marked 1-2-3.

gloves embroidered

christmas dress finished!

Manifesto #2, or I like necklaces best of all


This guy needs a showcase, right? He comes from Davenport, IA., where in May I stuck my feet into the mighty Mississippi. First the feet, then an old purple necklace from a good junk shop, with love from the Mister, since the river cruise didn’t start until late.

That’s quality vacation.

T is for teeny and for tough

My teeniest friend, whose birth I got to witness last year, is a year old now and on the move.

He lives here in Chicago not far from me with his parents, but the rest of his family is spread out all over the place. And he gets to go see them pretty often.

So I thought he (and they) might like a present that lets him represent his hometown and his tough attitude.


Enter the denim jacket, which is super fun to make for teeny people. And I don’t mean I made the actual jacket. More like the patch I sewed onto the back of one I found in excellent condition in one of my better second-hand sources.


Used a piece of white cotton I interfaced and then folded in half. Cut out the six-pointed stars from interfaced scraps of polka-dotted red quilting cotton.

jacket-stars ready

Stripes from long rectangles of blue and white cloud printed fabric I folded into thirds so the edges would be clean folds. No interfacing needed there since they won’t fray.

jacket-stripes cut

Laid it all out!

jacket-applique laid out

Stars got sewn onto the background in red thread with a teeny zigzag stitch across from point to point, then all the way around.

jacket-stars stitched back

Stripes were pinned down then secured with white thread in a wider zig-zag.

jacket-stripes stitched

I basted the patch edges together really close to the edge, basted it to the jacket with a similar giant stitch, then sewed around the whole thing twice with a really big satin stitch.

jacket-patch pinned

jacket-patch satin stitch

When little mister tried it on last night, his mom had to roll up the sleeves. He has some room to grow into his new jacket.

Happy Birthday, teeny friend!

Sweet! We have another friend here whose baby boy is just about ready for a jacket, too.

Time for a reprise?!

Delicious presents might be the best ones

Pasta machine with raviolini attachment, with love, Mister’s sister.

pasta machine!

Box of locally mixed spices, with love, Mister’s sister’s grillmaster boyfriend.

yum! herby christmas!

Fabulous homemade dinner date for them, with love from us and our jammed spice cabinet?

that spice cabinet is jammed!