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Super wasteful day

It started when I took out the recycling and found in the empty blue bin in the alley a terra cotta pot with amazing potting soil, a heavy modern gray pot also with good potting soil and a long skinny empty planter, too.

pots found in trash april 2011

Ok, fine, I fished them out, cursed the frivolous former owners for not just putting these unwanted goodies on the ground or on top of the bins like everyone else and moved on to clean them out and plant stuff in them. Their loss = my gain.

Then I spotted in another neighborhood alley what looked like a tall white trash can I wanted to grab. Drove by to investigate, found an entire jewelry box full of decent costume jewelry in the top of the trash along with all kinds of other things: clean new clothes basket, another silver trash can…



scavenged box

Is everyone so stinking wealthy that they can afford to just throw away perfectly good things?

Must be the first world around here in the 60622. It makes me angry, such blatant wastefulness.