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Oh dress, so close!

I skipped the back darts for now. I tend to finish clothes, wear them out in the world once then go back and fix what bothers me.

dress almost done

So I left my dress-from-dress in the sink this morning, soaking in a little Woolite to get out both the red sewing markings and the vintage stink.

The finished little guy might need darts added in once it’s dry and on. I also plan to put in side belt loops I think I will quickly scrounge up from cotton crochet thread to hold the existing belt from the original dress.

So close!


Carol Horn, you read my mind


Carol Horn, this dress is spectacular.

The bodice is low cut yet substantial. Princess seaming should harness all my assets.

Can you see the top front? The center piece is all skinny, the rest of the bosom comes from a separate little part that wraps around to the back. Topstitching will provide extra support. I cut the short version.

vogue close

I’ve had this red polyester with some sort of tulip print stamped on for ages, probably for as long as I’ve had the pattern. You know I got it on half price day, too, at the Markham thrift for more than two yards of 60″ wide stuff.

red polyester thrifted
I decided to cut it tulip side down after much indecision.
red polyester fabric texture

Couldn’t wait to give this a shot. It cut and sewed so beautifully.

red polyester dress layout

Zipper went right in, same for the facing. Only guess what? The damn thing fits everywhere but my bosom. And since it’s not a traditional princess fit – there’s that extra part that wraps around, I don’t even know how to fix it.

Lousy bosom’s wrecking all my fun anymore.

Rowley, part deux

This Rowley is addictive. Doesn’t take long to trace or cut or sew, even. I’ve had this black and white polyester forever. Finally I found a way to use it.





It needs a belt though. Like a red patent one I found this weekend at the thrifts with my sister?