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Flower scrounging

One of my favorite parts of both the Master Gardener plant sale and the Ravenswood Manor yard sale is scrounging plants. Like find what’s $1 or $2 and bringing it home.

Last year it was like cactus paddles and catmint.

This year it’s chamomile and tansy and winecup¬†and autumn clematis from the master gardeners.

Tiny purple peeks of spring

In the backyard.

yard purples



Some kind of violet?

The return of the lettuce

All by itself, it popped up in the box where it grew last summer, like nothing happened.

lettuces returned

I shucked off the dead leaves and there it was!

Now start growing

moonflower inside


moonflower popped

The waiting game, UPS style

Coming soon to my house and garden:

Hurry up, Mr. Mailman, before it gets cold again!

Welcome back, friends

Hey! Where’d you come from?

cheeky chives

Next time, tell your buddies to come too?

tower's not ready yet

Happy spring! But…

I killed this fern once already. Left it in the pot, jammed something else in, too, watered well, and the fern somehow came back.

fern, march

Today is technically spring, but March is still way too early to put him outside. There hasn’t even been an afternoon he could sit outside. He’s hanging in there, with the others.

I’m getting super itchy to grow more stuff.