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I should just give up already

So cute, right? Practice skirts to get back into “real” pattern sewing for my niece. I thought the waist seemed huge for an almost 6-yo, but what did I know? Followed the measurements as supplied to me.

zebra skirt finished

Did a full lining, sewing it in under the waistband and under the hem so no ugly edges showed. Loved this pattern because there was no hem to do. Just a fold over and sew. I *really* hate hemming.

zebra skirt waist

The pink’s from her corduroy Christmas dress last year, the one tragically et up in a house fire. The zebra’s her favorite print.

zebra skirt lining

Yeah. It didn’t fit. Way too big.


Ack! I mailed the Christmas dress!

It’s a record this year, finishing and mailing before Thanksgiving. I’m pretty pleased with it.


Super twirly. Nearly wider than it is tall.


The inside’s all fun, too.


Yup, that’s a Hong Kong finish on every last piece, gathers be damned.

I did run out of the little print and finished the bottom edge with scraps of the corduroy. I think it’s ok — not too bulky.


In retrospect, I should have just made some regular bias tape, pinned it onto the inside edges and given it a good zig zag along the fold.

Next time. And with the little girl’s seal of approval, there will in fact be a next time, in a light cotton summery print.

Thinking about tutus

tutu in pink, all done

While picking out fabric for her Christmas dress, the twirliest girl I know wanted a tutu, and how do you say no to that?

So together we bought 4 yards of hot pink net. She wanted the thing to stick straight out, prompting a lady at Gaffney’s I’ve feared since high school to give me the business about making it Stick. Straight. Out.

tutu net in hot pink

So I started with a funny free tutorial (sorry, it was free in October) about making filled tutus, which my SIL says are all the rage in South Jersey where they live. It made you fold the folded net or tulle once more, for four layers of stuff. A lady friend I work with came over and made one too, in a peachy shimmery tulle for her niece.

Mine was good… but not pokey enough. The skirt definitely drooped. So I doubled the fold again, making the 72″ wide net into eight layers of 9 inch net. and jammed heart-shaped sequins in one of the folded layers.

tutu net filled with hearts


tutu net filled with hearts

tutu in pink, all done

Which of course made me think, what if you made the top layer fabric so it looks like a skirt w built-in crinoline? Like a zebra skirt with purple or red underneath? How would that math work out? Stay tuned to find out.

It’s going to be a pink Christmas.

Sigh. The reason I started selling clothes online at all was precisely to sell off all the pink vintage clothing I found. Stuff that was so beautiful, but pink. No sir, I don’t like it. 

So of course, my niece, whose Christmas dress I make every year, chose p-i-n-k this time. In my favorite fabric store ever, during our special trip, just girls, she swept past teal velour, purple velvet, silvery knit and plunked her finger squarely on a hot pink baby corduroy.


With glitter, see?.

Efforts to push the dusty rose (and gray) taffeta were promptly denied.  

So this dress will be hot pink. And super twirly.

Since Gaffney’s is amazing, I grabbed up out of the quarter bin (not the yardage, the price) a chunk of this cotton that might make the bindings.


Close enough? I know it hardly screams “holiday”. But neither does pink.


a present just-because

My Mister’s sister is crazy for pink. I suspect it’s to prove her tacit credos that redheads can wear whatever they like, and so can tough broads.

She also teaches at a Chicago Public School, and hates mixing her ‘normal’ wardrobe with her teacher clothes. So she has a sort of double wardrobe.

I don’t know where this vintage handmade blouse will end up, but I spotted it at a suburban Salvy and plunked down the $.75, thinking if she doesn’t like it, she’ll donate it back. Or she’ll hand it back and we’ll put it up for a few $ on etsy. It has a wide, trapeze shape, and the sleeves were sewn on in three pieces.

Plus, the pink circles are mesmerizing. I had to repair the sleeve and bottom hems.

I think it worked.

etsy luck

I’ve gotten the hang of etsy after getting sick of ebay. True, I once sold a thifted pink jumpsuit w stirrups on ebay for $153 after a fierce bidding war, but then I got stuck with big listing bills and zero sales too many times. I’m too cheap (or too small-potatoes?) for America’s favorite auction site.

So I’m on the etsy bandwagon. Better late than never. I’ve had some luck selling fun stuff I found thrifting that didn’t fit me right or is pink or doesn’t fit my narrow reporter uniform standards of everyday dress. And I love the hunt for fantastic design, weird details and anything made in countries that don’t exist anymore.

A happy pair of metallic shoes (too small!) is going out in the mail.

So is a bluebird dress (blue not in uniform).

And some Wrangler jeans (too wrong for short legs).

Proceeds will send me to P-h-i-l-a this summer to see the rest of the Fitzs. And that love of Fitzs overcomes my shame at the thought of self-promotion, so take a look at the old and see what’s been hiding among Chicago’s overlooked thrifting gems. Some are already listed; some are coming soon.

That’s fabulous.


Not sewing as much as usual – work has heated up with a giant Freedom of Information project. I love the FOIA and the 1st Amendment and open government as reporter tools, and have wanted to conduct such an audit for a long time. So that’s good news. But here’s why editors wouldn’t let me do it before – it’s incredibly time consuming keeping track of so many document requests. More to come as Sunshine Week approaches.
That having been said, I have managed to straighten some pants, which is easy to do just because it can be done one small step at a time.

  • Sliced the boot cut off dark denim pants inherited from my sister
  • Un-booted gray cords I wear practically as reporter uniform
  • Tightened up a gorgeous pair of vintage Bill Blass jeans
  • Tried to taper the bells on these thrifted muddy pink cords because the waist construction is stunning and very solidly done.

pink-pants-before.jpgSo they’re pink, I know, after I just whined about stupid pink. (What’s with all the best thrift store stuff being pink?) But they are of such quality that I thought I’d try out dyeing on them since they were $1. Will try gray or brown or black. Nothing crazy.

The beauty of this work is that it can be done in pieces. Short attention spans welcome. Got 10 minutes to sew? You too can straighten pants. Click here for the step-by-step.