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Packing up a garden, part 1

I bought perennials this year instead of annuals. Scavenged at plant sales, yard sales, clearance sales, you name it. I moved them into tubs since the new neighbors up front have turned the shared garden into their own personal ashtray and I skeeve cigarette butts.

So here is where I will log what’s where for next spring, with the help of a sharpie and duct tape:

Autumn fern

Auturn fern

Japanese ghost fern #1 of 3

Japanese ghost fern #1

Butterfly bush, plus some creeping sedum plus one of those bluebell things from the Honore yard

Butterfly bush

Red penstamon

Red penstamon

Lilac bush, love grass, lamb’s ears creeping thyme and with any luck, a Chinese lantern

Lilac bush


More stuff came back

Like this rue I just left out all winter. Had I known it stood a chance, I’d have cut it back harder in the fall.

that rue returned


And glorious chives, about to bloom.


A neighbor who moved out in a hurry dumped her pots carelessly in the yard, styrofoam peanuts and stones and all. I scavenged the dirt and ended up with a chunk of last summer’s sage.

thrown-away sage came back

Succulents in a can at the top of the stairs are getting there, but still look sad.

top of stairs succulents still a little sad

Putting away a garden, vol. 1

I planted lots of perennials this year, hoping to keep them going. So this year, I can’t dump out the dirt. Logged some of the pots to remember what’s in each next spring.

Long box: Lemon thyme, Cuban oregano (which probably won’t work in this cold climate) and Greek oregano.

skinny box

cuban oregano in skinny box

oregano in skinny box

This random dude popped up too. Don’t know what he is though.


The little tower has


Globe thistles in the top

thistles in tower top

Flax (hurting a little) in the middle
flax in tower middle

And coral bells in the bottom
coral bells in tower bottom

The broken pot has chives and spicy oregano I’m sort of babysitting for friends who moved away, and snapdragons.

chives and oregano and snapdragons

And this is supposed to be red lobelia, but I already cut it.

red lobelia

Round one, complete. Round two to come.