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From old garden to new garden

An old neighbor let me into the old yard to thin out some plants I had stuck there a few years ago. He helped me dig them up, too, which was key with the lillies. Those suckers took root since I left which is silly because they wouldn’t grow for me.

perennials recouped

recovered perennials

Tiger lillies, recouped from the side of the road, in bags.

recovered lillies stuck in a tricky spot

Ginger-something bought at a yard sale where the homeowner got out a shovel and dug up a clump for me.

recovered perennials

Mostly in the ground now, in a bright shady spot.

shady garden

In the new yard, I found this guy popped up on his own. What is he?

sprang up on its own: what is it?

Tiny purple peeks of spring

In the backyard.

yard purples



Some kind of violet?

The return of the lettuce

All by itself, it popped up in the box where it grew last summer, like nothing happened.

lettuces returned

I shucked off the dead leaves and there it was!

My plants arrived!

Figures my plant order arrives the coldest week of spring so far… One’s a bulb that’s living in the crisper another minute, as recommended. But the perennial grasses and salvia plumosa are little plants…

Here’s what the purple love grass should look like come summer…

Delightful! So far, though, it looks like this.

purple love grass, march

I think the nursery sent it too early. I clearly don’t want to kill it. It’s supposed to be in the 30s all week still. At least the Japanese ghost ferns are still en route.

What to do?

Welcome back, friends

Hey! Where’d you come from?

cheeky chives

Next time, tell your buddies to come too?

tower's not ready yet

Anise┬áhyssop will take some care

I got my anise hyssop at the Master Gardener organic plant sale, and forked over all the $$$ for it because it’s perennial. Since I don’t want to spend again and since the line there was a mile long last spring, I’m trying hard to keep this guy going in my Zone 5 winter so I’ll see him again next year.

Delay pruning of your anise hyssop if you live in a cold climate.

Provide additional winter protection to your plant and do not disturb the leafless stems on the plant until spring.

Cut back the stems with your pruners to 6 inches above the ground in early spring.

He’s totally prairie.┬áThank you

My ‘garden’ is glorious

There was a weird Saturday recently where I was up and bopping about, thrilled to be awake (?!) by 6 a.m.

So I poked at garden until a little before 9.

Stair garden, before:
stairfall, 6:30 a.m. before I dug in

The lemon balm in the top seeded itself. The oxalis in the middle slept all winter on the back steps, looked very d-e-d, then sprang to life once left outside. The bottom layer of lettuce is proving delicious.

cascade of lemon balm, oxalis, groundcover

To the far right, a pot of delicious-looking NOPALES. The strawberry pot is ancient, a long-ago birthday present from my bigger brother.

Hens and chicks, multiple varieties, from stores and yard sales. Who’d have thought they’d stay perennial here?
hens and chicks

hens and chicks - cobwebby kind

hens and chicks, yard sale edition

Perennial groundcovers for the succulent bowl:
succulent groundcover, yard sale edition

Fuzzy things from the Master Gardener plant sale:
fuzzy kalanchoe?

And my temperamental succulents that live in the house all the time, flourishing on back window sill:
succulents, indoors