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Manifesto #2, or I like necklaces best of all


This guy needs a showcase, right? He comes from Davenport, IA., where in May I stuck my feet into the mighty Mississippi. First the feet, then an old purple necklace from a good junk shop, with love from the Mister, since the river cruise didn’t start until late.

That’s quality vacation.

My beloved Singer Stylist 776

…is being repaired by a professional from Crown Point, Ind., who informed me that when I replaced the gears, a simple task in and of itself, I threw off the machine’s timing.

He’s got my friend for a good week to tune her up and reset the timing. I’ve been reading of course about timing and what it means for the next time. Meanwhile, I will cough up the $78 for a real tune-up and a timing reset and rejoice come Friday when I get the 776 back.

Meanwhile, also, I can’t do a darn thing but drool over clothes I can’t make.


Like while I was watching on Svengoolie (again) last weekend, “I Saw What You Did,” and Joan Crawford’s necklace stole the show. Her dress, too. I need a dress like that to show off a fantastic neckpiece.

joan necklace


Refashion: One ugly necklace into two winners

I always forget to take the “before”. So kindly use your imaginations.

Imagine the teal necklace without any of the silver beads. And imagine three green drops smooshed between each beautiful carved round teal bead.

So sad.

A coworker — the lady who keeps the office humming and makes my life a whole lot simpler — won the necklace in some sort of raffle. Brought it in to me, horrified about the combination but hopeful the beads could me made into something else. She also brought me tiny glass silver spacers and I dug into the stash for clear glass with silver insides.

And voila!

Silver spacers between the teal shell pieces and round beads stretched long enough for a new necklace.

The spiral in the green necklace wire is a happy accident.

I was pulling the teal cord as taut as I could before crimping the ends and didn’t realize yanking the cord through such small holes would act like a blade on curling ribbon.

But in the end, I think it’s winning.


Aunt & uncle returned from a month in India. Love that they held my Christmas box until their travels. Returned with these mirrored colored bangles and so much more booty in tow. I love that they love my love of giant jewelry. Aunt said she enjoyed the hunt for so much fun. What a doll.

Think I’ll take the glass bead necklace and restring it to remove the little gold spacer beads that feel like plastic.