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Wearable muslin in progress

This dress falls under the manifesto. Simple, V-necked, cap sleeves, waist to it.

And it looks adorable. Also, its small pieces should let me cut it out from old giant silk dresses I find everywhere at the thrifts — the front and back alone would fit on old full sleeves.

So I started a version from some old red synthetic stuff I bought at Gaffney’s years and years ago. Discovered that I used said chunk for binding or something, so it’s missing a triangle.

dress s 2360 tight fit

Let me tell you that took some careful cutting including much repositioning and some profanity. I ended up folding the selvedges into the center fold to have enough fold to cut on.

dress s 2360 close fit

I’m making the short sleeved version, V-neck of course, without any fuss on it.

If the dress works on me, I have some ideas…

Must…find…blouse pattern…for…fabulous…silk

I bought ridiculous silk at the Vogue right before Christmas, two chunks of two yards each, from the $3 table. Bought one piece, realized folly, went back for a second.

silk magenta print

I haven’t found the right blouse pattern for it yet. Something super simple to show off the irregular pattern of the fabric. Something with a little cap sleeve. Something in as few pieces as possible.
Then I was thinking one of the pattern lady’s gems might work. Especially since it was one of her few that I could cut to my own size instead of just her usual 18. And lately, I only want to wear dolman sleeves, long to the wrist or short.

Simplicity 7264

Clearly I’m too chicken to experiment on the silk. And the one below is too complicated. Maybe lengthening one of the plain ones… Must find the time to make a muslin before the poor silk ends up lost in a stash.

Simplicity 7264 tops I like

Silk and hilarity

Husband’s best man in his friend’s wedding.

And I happened upon a stunning eggplant silk at an absolute steal.

silk for purple dress

I’m deadly serious. $6 a yard at the Vogue in Chicago. Spotted it over Christmas, ended up going back for three yards. I let it sit, waiting for a dress shape to come to me.

Then I remembered this Very Easy Vogue pattern I had bought as a wedding dress possibility.


Loved the mermaid shape, the low square neck, the wide set straps. Hated the puffy or frilly sleeves, but those seemed an easy fix. Did * not * love the high back and couldn’t confidently figure out what to do about it.


I’m now going with the short one, since Mister asked me kindly not to show up the bride. Really, though, a long skirt won’t show my shoes. Really, really, I only have three yards of the stuff.

So last weekend I cut out a muslin from fabric (printed especially for JoAnn) so ugly I might like it now.

V8416-muslin fabric

V8416-muslin layout

Lengthened the sleeves a teeny touch. And I’m moving the slit to one side instead of the center back. Will deepen it a bit to vamp it up. Since the muslin needs no more alterations, I might try using it as the lining for a version in medium gray.

My curvy self has been waiting by the phone a long time for a dress this shape.