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Sticking to it

Ah geez, such temptation.

Eve Jacket Pattern by Schnittchen

Been ogling this jacket for myself since Oona posted it. Giant hood. Quirky shape. Simply and delicious.

And today, stupid Vogue Fabrics sends me a discount code for beautiful coat fabrics in my favorite color for a very limited time during a Blizzard of Savings.

Wool Blend Bouclé Fabric – Light Texture Coating – Eggplant #21 – Vogue Fabrics

Normally, I would have snatched it all up and added to the pile. This time, I am trying very hard to resist. The temptation came so very fast though. They’ll have another sale, right? The jacket pattern isn’t going away. I can always give this a try when my other projects that I started because I loved them are done and thusly loved.

As you are my witness, I am resisting. For pete’s sake, it’s only February.

Teeny tough a hit!

Yup, made another one for another teeny birthday.

This one:

jacket-patch pinned

For this one:

jacket-half birthday

T is for teeny and for tough

My teeniest friend, whose birth I got to witness last year, is a year old now and on the move.

He lives here in Chicago not far from me with his parents, but the rest of his family is spread out all over the place. And he gets to go see them pretty often.

So I thought he (and they) might like a present that lets him represent his hometown and his tough attitude.


Enter the denim jacket, which is super fun to make for teeny people. And I don’t mean I made the actual jacket. More like the patch I sewed onto the back of one I found in excellent condition in one of my better second-hand sources.


Used a piece of white cotton I interfaced and then folded in half. Cut out the six-pointed stars from interfaced scraps of polka-dotted red quilting cotton.

jacket-stars ready

Stripes from long rectangles of blue and white cloud printed fabric I folded into thirds so the edges would be clean folds. No interfacing needed there since they won’t fray.

jacket-stripes cut

Laid it all out!

jacket-applique laid out

Stars got sewn onto the background in red thread with a teeny zigzag stitch across from point to point, then all the way around.

jacket-stars stitched back

Stripes were pinned down then secured with white thread in a wider zig-zag.

jacket-stripes stitched

I basted the patch edges together really close to the edge, basted it to the jacket with a similar giant stitch, then sewed around the whole thing twice with a really big satin stitch.

jacket-patch pinned

jacket-patch satin stitch

When little mister tried it on last night, his mom had to roll up the sleeves. He has some room to grow into his new jacket.

Happy Birthday, teeny friend!

Sweet! We have another friend here whose baby boy is just about ready for a jacket, too.

Time for a reprise?!