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Button panel sweater, springtime style

AKA the replacement.

Pullover w button front because spring

Tried the pattern in Cottonish yarn. Worked really nicely.

Added about 2-3 inches to each sleeve for Mr. Baby’s long monkey arms.

Pullover w button front because spring

Two booboos. One – too much garter stitch along sleeve edge. And two – skipped a garter row in the green.

Pullover w button front because spring
Pullover w button front because spring

Can’t believe I had to go out and buy some given the overflowing status of the button box, but it needed 10 and I wanted them to match.

This is the right size, but the neckhole is sort of giant for reasons I cannot explain. Maybe he’s just too big for this square neck style?

All details here via Ravelry.

Pillows by me

wide array of pillows

One, two, three, four, five. Three 20-inchers, one 17-inch square and one 16-by-17.

Sewed three sides around, sewed just around the corners edging the fourth side and closed them up by hand. Coworker commissioned them for $$$ to throw on her chocolate sofa.

Hope she loves them. I almost kept the green one.

Mermaid madness

My goddaughter is currently obsessed with mermaids.Watches this creepiness on the Tube. Tapes washcloths around her dolls to give them tails.Wanted a real mermaid tail she could swim in. Didn’t have the $150 to buy one.

Finally made a plea to Godmother. Negotiated carefully. Settled on a long cotton skirt with tail for herself and a doll. Found sparkly green cotton she liked, sent it *plus handdrawn love* from 19128 to 60622.

And so I spend my Saturday sewing with love of my own, adjusting a long skirt pattern to fit her, perhaps with elastic around the ankles so it’ll be sleek yet walkable.

Laid the thing out at the best thinking house ever, a gracious family cottage in Indiana, using scraps of paper, then newspaper.

There were enough scraps to make a matching tail for her favorite doll.

And here it is.


Another little green sign of life

I swore I had killed this little guy. A lovely prayer plant, with red-spotted green leaves that folded up every night. He was living in a pot with an umbrella plant. And today, while wiping the umbrella’s leaves with rubbing alcohol to push back the scale, surprise!

this umbrella plant saved his friend's life

Little pokey, little droopy. I think that saved his life. Because instead of chucking him, I kept taking care of his friend. See those tangles? That was the last of the prayer plant.

surprise! i thought it was dead

And then, amid the March snows, up he popped.

surprise! that plant's still alive

I was the jumping up and down kind of happy about it.

Baby blankets

Ok, they’re not clever. But I think they’re sweet. And I still have some of the teeny blankets my mom-mom made for me and for my baby dolls. Plus the crochet makes less noise than the sewing machine late at night when one of us feels like a movie.

john walter's blanket

Happy blankie, baby!