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Button panel sweater, springtime style

AKA the replacement.

Pullover w button front because spring

Tried the pattern in Cottonish yarn. Worked really nicely.

Added about 2-3 inches to each sleeve for Mr. Baby’s long monkey arms.

Pullover w button front because spring

Two booboos. One – too much garter stitch along sleeve edge. And two – skipped a garter row in the green.

Pullover w button front because spring
Pullover w button front because spring

Can’t believe I had to go out and buy some given the overflowing status of the button box, but it needed 10 and I wanted them to match.

This is the right size, but the neckhole is sort of giant for reasons I cannot explain. Maybe he’s just too big for this square neck style?

All details here via Ravelry.

Pants pants pants

Mr. Baby needed some pants so I tried out some baby pants patterns last fall.

Same basic shape – two pieces and an elastic waist. Started with gray stuff from the stash to try them out and finished two wearable muslins. I cut size L / 18 mos for both.

For knits:

s1546 baby outerwear copy

Decently basic gray waffle knit. I think this fabric’s from Gaffney’s.

pants O gray waffle knit s1546 size L 18 mos

Stitched and zig-zag finished on good old Singer Stylist 776.

pants O gray waffle knit s1546 size L 18 mos

In truth, the fabric will make better shorts for summer than pants.

Then for wovens:

S1564 baby separates copy

Using some distressed gray bottomweight cotton also from a pile. I wonder if it was waxed at some point? It emerged from the washing machine with interesting lines and marks on it.

My search for a flat-front baby pants pattern for 12-18 mos turned up zilch. (This freebie’s available once he’s a size 2-3.)

I gave it a try though on this pattern, marking the waist at each side and stitching the elastic casing just across the back part.

pants O gray cotton pockets s1564 size L 18 mos
Top-stitched a fake-o fly because it looks cute.

pants O gray cotton pockets s1564 size L 18 mos

In retrospect, should have marked the waist at about 1″ toward the front from the exact side, because now the flat part wraps farther around than it should.

pants O gray cotton pockets s1564 size L 18 mos

pants O gray cotton pockets s1564 size L 18 mos

Also should had placed the pockets more toward the front than right at the exact side point since they’re now skewed toward the back.

pants O gray cotton pockets s1564 size L 18 mos

Live and learn. Both are decent everyday pants for Mr. Baby to wear.

And now I know how they fit.

Long dress all done

Took a beloved T-shirt pattern and lengthened it into a solid gray dress I will wear all spring.

gray long dress

Raglan sleeves, nice scoop neck that’s not too deep, long length, ruching around bumpy middle. That part photographs terribly:

gray long dress

And I did the hem with a band I sewed onto the dress’ wrong side at the bottom so there’s texture.

The style was inspired by a thrifted wool-blend dress that went down to my feet. And there’s enough old gray Gaffney’s knit leftover to make something else.

And refashions, too

More inspiration for spring:

Gray paisley silk, pristine condition. Must cut down to something sharp. It’s really a giant dress, with covered buttons.

gray silk paisley

Purple heather knit. Already an awful ugly T-shirt.

purple heather knit

And fabrics

For spring consideration, stuff kicking around the house.

A gray and black and lilac on white rayon blend.

purple gray black white rayon blend

Gray twill.

fabric-gray twill 2

Gray and white leopard poly/rayon blend.

gray black white leopard rayon blend

Black and white dotted cotton blend.


Magenta sheer silk.

silk magenta print

Purples (except the velvet)


Purple on white polyester

purple and white polyester crepe

Fun, c/o Gaffney’s and Vogue, mostly. Yard sales, too.

Spring inspiration

First I’m looking at shapes:

I keep picking up patterns in these shapes is the good news.

Strange craving

I never crave Anthropologie.

It never occurs to me to even look there.

Only my sister in law gave me spectacle-printed tights and some giant bangles for Christmas she found at Anthro.

And now I find myself wanting this dress.

Right? How very sewing blog of me. Writing about thinking about copying Anthro.

But the ruching is flattering. Lovely color. Sleeves are good, too. I think I have a pattern that’ll do this. I think it’s even a Project Runway. I know I have some gray wool kicking around, too. I hoard fabric, remember?

So can I just sit down already and do it?

Crap. Now I want this bathing suit, too.

No wonder I don’t go shopping.