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An act of great restraint, button-style

Amazingly, Mr. Baby and I walked out with *just* the buttons we needed to finish his sweater.


Sticking to using what we have, and buying only what we immediately need to finish something.

Buttons are so tempting though.


A necessary resolution for the new year

stash january 2015

I’m done shopping for crafty stuff right now with a single exception: something that’s needed to finish an existing project.

So new thread because I lack the correct color to hem pants is fine. New thread because it’s pretty and Joann is having a sale is not. Quarter yard of cotton to make bias tape for a dress is fine. Quarter yard of cotton because it’s $.25 and pretty is not. No more wandering through the store looking for ideas or good deals.

This is the year I make the things I’ve been meaning to and finish the things I’ve already begun, instead of shopping for new ideas all the time. It’s easier while working full time and raising Mr. Baby to stay involved in craftland by shopping for new things online, or searching out inspiration. I can do those things at work, or with 15 minutes on the way home. That’s been a way to feel creative and connected.

But it’s not helping me enjoy the things I make because so many don’t get finished or don’t get finished correctly.

Resolved: I am making the things I long have meant to.

Holy f-ing idea!

I’m so terrible at it.
And then my brain also gets cluttered. It feels so good to complete things, and even better when they work and you actually want to wear them.

Of all the join-ups out there right now, this is the project I want to hop onto.

Then again, so’s this one.

I think I can combine the two, by actually finishing the clothing I’ve begun and using the patterns  and fabrics I’ve hoarded this fall and winter. Think there’ll be some refashioning involved, too, not just scratch sewing.

Now to get down to business…