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Packing up a garden, part 1

I bought perennials this year instead of annuals. Scavenged at plant sales, yard sales, clearance sales, you name it. I moved them into tubs since the new neighbors up front have turned the shared garden into their own personal ashtray and I skeeve cigarette butts.

So here is where I will log what’s where for next spring, with the help of a sharpie and duct tape:

Autumn fern

Auturn fern

Japanese ghost fern #1 of 3

Japanese ghost fern #1

Butterfly bush, plus some creeping sedum plus one of those bluebell things from the Honore yard

Butterfly bush

Red penstamon

Red penstamon

Lilac bush, love grass, lamb’s ears creeping thyme and with any luck, a Chinese lantern

Lilac bush


Happy spring! But…

I killed this fern once already. Left it in the pot, jammed something else in, too, watered well, and the fern somehow came back.

fern, march

Today is technically spring, but March is still way too early to put him outside. There hasn’t even been an afternoon he could sit outside. He’s hanging in there, with the others.

I’m getting super itchy to grow more stuff.