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Yard sale: pattern style

Sorting patterns again. Trying to get rid of the ones that will never fit me, I will never wear. And I’m at the point of, “Make me an offer”. Our house search is going terribly, so I don’t know why I’m so nuts lately about clearing stuff out. But there you have it. I am.

Like these skirts:

pattern-McCall's 8424




Pattern-McCall's 8901

But wait, there’s more…

I’m so excited about prom seasons

Which is an odd thing for a 32-year-old childless woman to say. But a lovely gown I had on etsy, I’m thrilled to say, has found a new home.

SOLD! dress mint ruffle

SOLD! dress mint hem

I don’t know that the lucky lady shopper will wear this to prom. I won’t compromise her privacy unless she volunteers the dress’ destination. But I got news of the sale on the same day the advice columnist I read to hate every single day, Ask Amy, just was talking about vintage and secondhand dresses this prom season.

I’ll shamelessly plug a few of my own listings that would be fun at prom:

Teal strapless tiered sheath w bolero!

teal ruffled sheath w bolero

Purple batwing!

Magenta ruffles!

magenta ruffles on dress

And etsy is full of fun stuff, too, if you search the “prom” tag:

Leopard and ruffles?

Metallic purple (little pricey, though)?

A trip to the secondhand store will yield even less expensive results.

Happy prom, everybody! No need to spend big bucks to have a fab time!

Etsy at 50 items!

While waiting for calls, I’m cleaning house of all kinds of things I’ll never wear or alter, and getting them up on Etsy.

Here’s hoping they go.

thrift therapy

As I write these words I know they’re wrong. I know it’s wrong to deal with emotional turmoil using a shopping cart. I’m also having quite a time at my job, and am tired to singing the same song to my Crafty Mister, who, to his credit, doesn’t tire of hearing it.

My office is in a terrible part of the Chicago area, in a built up McMansioned, retail hell containing fake-blue-water fountains, “upscale” chain stores and restaurants, and flocks of entitled drivers of ridiculous, expensive vehicles. Also, it’s 22 miles from my home and though we changed offices this year, the Powers did not even consider proximity to public trans for the 5 of us (out of 9) who live in the city, close to said public trans. Grrrrr.

The only upside to working in awful materialistic suburbs is the thrifting (grocery shopping is convenient, too) . A-holes who live at malls shed a lot of clothing, and leave all kinds of quality merch at 2 particular Salvy stores – one on the way home, one that requires a little more of a trip. And since my taste differs from the Mexican ladies who shop the one, and the Polish and Palestinian ladies at the other, I usually hit the jackpot.

Last week while passing each store, I stopped in.

Bunch of these goodies will go to Etsy. Bunches of the purple sort will stay in my closet where they await me.

I used to skeeve thrifted shoes because they’re harder to clean than your standard hot-water-washable blouse. But now that most shoes are made so cheaply from “man-made materials,” I prefer the older leather ones. Can’t always drop $90 on a single quality pair, especially a pair meant for fun, and I don’t want to drop that on shoes that only go to the hated office.

Ashamed to say I feel better.

etsy luck

I’ve gotten the hang of etsy after getting sick of ebay. True, I once sold a thifted pink jumpsuit w stirrups on ebay for $153 after a fierce bidding war, but then I got stuck with big listing bills and zero sales too many times. I’m too cheap (or too small-potatoes?) for America’s favorite auction site.

So I’m on the etsy bandwagon. Better late than never. I’ve had some luck selling fun stuff I found thrifting that didn’t fit me right or is pink or doesn’t fit my narrow reporter uniform standards of everyday dress. And I love the hunt for fantastic design, weird details and anything made in countries that don’t exist anymore.

A happy pair of metallic shoes (too small!) is going out in the mail.

So is a bluebird dress (blue not in uniform).

And some Wrangler jeans (too wrong for short legs).

Proceeds will send me to P-h-i-l-a this summer to see the rest of the Fitzs. And that love of Fitzs overcomes my shame at the thought of self-promotion, so take a look at the old and see what’s been hiding among Chicago’s overlooked thrifting gems. Some are already listed; some are coming soon.

That’s fabulous.