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TV to craft by

I got stuck upstairs with really terrible craft TV on PBS the past couple of Saturdays. 

C’mon, PBS, why do you have to do this? 

I read Gertie’s sewing blog almost daily, and I have to think PBS would be super lucky to have her. 

Because their idea of crafty TV – which comes on the Create channel Saturdays especially – consists of this Knit and Crochet Today.  

Hosted by this, um, woman

It’s so frustrating. All that educational TV time and nothing crafty — save really traditional quilting — to learn. The projects are frumpy, the ‘talent’ is really awkward and the shows are just a waste of time, which of course I tune back to every Saturday while futzing.  

Could they make knitting or crocheting look dumber? Really?!


End of hiatus

I gave up on crafting for a while. Had to. Life took over. I got reemployed. Traveled a bunch for work. Then we moved. It was a giant mess. Supplies and stash got jammed into seven Ziploc Big Bags. Special mister threw out things you don’t even want to know about. I lost my socks and undies for six whole days. Finally just found my jewelry in the trunk of my car.

Now we’re settled in the new little apartment, a coachhouse that could have been designed by Tim Burton, what with all kinds of weird little windows and oddball walls, and a loft with open stairs. Crafting is going to live up in the loft, with the turtle, in a bright cozy space that has closet doors to separate creative chaos from the rest of our home.

My goals are to finish and to simplify and to keep only things I like. Also to dress in a way that feels like me, not a way that simply feels easy. If I’m going to lug all these fabulous garments around, I’m going to rock them. The rest of the vintage will go thanks to etsy.

Crafty Mister

My Mister asked if I would marry him. And he asked me after the Dolly Parton show in a photobooth of a Chicago bar where we (and Dolly) have some history. And it turns out he’s super crafty, having made a fantastic ring from one belonging to my grandmother AND having timed the proposal so the photobooth flashed while Promises were being made.

I am a happy, lucky lady. I have a fabulous man who’s mine for, as he now likes to snark, a Lifetime. And he gave me a token of that Lifetime fits me perfectly.

My father told me my grandmother also married in her 32nd year. Like me.

And my Mister’s grandmother’s advice was, “Never take the ring off. Ever.”

Done and done.