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What to do with Dolly?!

My Mister gave me this t-shirt after a Dolly Parton show last year in Chicago hours before he gave me an engagement ring. Holy gee, does it get any better?

t-shirt-dolly concert

He even knew to buy me the biggest size so I could make it cute.

t-shirt-dolly concert back

And since May 8, 2008, it’s been hiding in my closet, waiting for inspiration to strike. I thought I figured it out, with a pattern from a trusted south suburban thrift store, for “Gorgeous tops” as the previous owner wrote.

Pattern-McCall's 3994

Her patterns were individually wrapped in plastic bags, as if she had been marketing them for sale? Her notes are all over this one.

pattern-McCall's 3994 notes

Pattern-McCall's 3994 back

I tried one in red knit I thrifted. Pulled it way in since the original pattern was too big. And shortened the sleeves, too, so they were… cappier. 

It was just waiting for a bottom hem. Only now I can’t find the darn thing. Or any pictures I may have taken. 

I remember, though, it wasn’t the one. The search continues for the Dolly top.  


full count

This girl turned 3-2 last week AND celebrated engagement to the Crafty Mister with parents who flew in from Philadelphia to meet Mister’s extended family, cry with happiness, lend advice, etc. The best part of all this celebrating was putting on a purple dress (thrifted of course) and yapping with people I love while sipping on The Recipe. I got some really sweet gifts, too, including tickets from the Mister to *George Michael in Concert* at the United Center Isn’t he a GEM?

I love this backpack picnic basket we can take to the beach and to Millennium Park for free concerts all summer like ANDREW BIRD – from the Mister’s aunt and uncle.

It’s outfitted with everything you need for a meal on a lawn, including a cheese cutting board and wine bottle holder, and enough dining accoutrements so I won’t have any guilt of tossing plastic throwaways every time we eat dinner under the sky.

We bike to Millennium Park maybe once a week starting in June, or to Grant Park for summer outdoor movies, both excellent reasons to put up with the hassles (read: rampant corruption) of living in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

My mother of course gave me leopard pajamas and leopard mixing bowls.

I don’t buy myself PJs anymore since it might hurt her feelings. Also she has a knack for knowing when I’ve worn out the old ones. These are summer weight and trimmed with red. She’s my original leopard lady, and I’ve followed in her footsteps as best I can. since I’ve pretty much given up on retail shopping, spotted kitchen accessories are news to me.

My mother’s friend sent a stunning cookbook – The Silver Spoon – originally published in Italy in the 1950s and recently available in English.

The Mister is coming around to the Italian cooking I grew up with, and is leaning slowly toward those flavors rather than the Mexican ones to which he gravitates. This book is the best bedtime story ever since we could read about food aloud to each other all the time.

I didn’t know some of these vegetables existed — and the Silver Spoon has six ways to cook them deliciously (I do know what turnips are, but not six ways to cook them).

Cousins shared from their collection of vintage campaign buttons, since we both are journalism nerds who like this kind of thing. I ran off with the one from an ancient coroner’s race — when Cook County used to have a a coroner instead of a medical examiner. Can’t wait to make some sort of upholstered frame to stick them on as a display.

And I absolutely love this gorgeous birthday gift:

It’s a limoncello starter, started by one of the Mister’s best friends, the Polch. Polch has been on a brewing and distilling kick all winter, and I’d been admiring the homemade limoncello he and his Lady have been making, so he started a jar for us to keep going at home with citrus peels and more plain old booze, as well as instructions for finishing this delicious southern Italian liqueur. Much as I love homemade presents to give I love to receive them, too.

* More to come in future blogs about outfit for GM.