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Revisiting some old work

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

I made this for my oldest nephew for the Christmas when he was 1. His sister, who always gets a handmade Christmas dress, had a matching red velvet number with a big skirt — she was about to turn 3.

My sister-in-law, who quietly saved sentimental things, mailed this romper to me to see if it would fit Mr. Baby since he was only a few weeks older than her son had been.

The white satin is pristine, but the velvet crushed over the years.

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

I remember sewing this romper — and hating the pattern (Simplicity 4711) as I sewed it. The instructions were poorly written and not entirely clear. It was the little boy’s first and last Christmas outfit. We kept the tradition going just for his sister, which was good because by the next Christmas, his baby brother was about to turn 1.

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

romper red velvet from aloysius christmas

Sadly, it did not fit Mr. Baby.


Baby shorts!

The fun of dressing a tiny gentleman is in dressing him like a Classic Baby. Think Classic. Baby.

He has some jeans and sweats and all, but when I sew for him, it’s been corduroy and wool and cotton so far. So he looks like a baby instead of a small adult.

So for Christmas, he had corduroy shorts embroidered with turtles on them. And a green heather wool cardigan. And knee socks, too, of course.

turtle corduroy



The shorts are a free downloadable pattern from Oliver + S available here for sizes 6 mos through 5, and then sizes 5 through 12. It’s easy construction for very basic, elastic waist shorts.

Take ratty silver sweater set; make silver shrug

christmas dress finished!

The little shrug used to be a Tommy Hilfiger sweater set in white and silver.

sweater silver

sweater silver tag

Who knows what I spilled on it?

sweater silver gross

Or how the undershirt turned pink?

sweater silver inside

I turned it into a shrug for the Christmas dress, using the little included pattern.

shrug pattern

The long sleeves, once cut off and opened up, provided the last of the fabric for the four piece little jacket.

shrug from sleeves

Little girl Christmas dress: the purple version

I give my niece a handmade Christmas dress every year.

christmas tulle pins

She was about to turn 6. She might be done, next year, with giant spinning dresses. Her mother and I seized the moment, picked a giant spinning pattern.

This year, after Christmas when I landed, the sweetness went to her room to put the thing on so I could see it. Added the little embroidered gloves I sent and a silver shrug too.

It was a long time coming together. My mother helped me pick the fabric during a fall visit here.

Underlined the taffeta from the stash.

christmas dress pieces

Added the back zipper I swear matched up originally.

christmas bodice back

Handstitched the lining into the bodice so the stitches wouldn’t show.

christmas bodice lining

Added little tulle flowers made from the silver underskirt on pins so she could move them around.

christmas dress finished

Packed the whole thing with a little sweater and gloves, each marked 1-2-3.

gloves embroidered

christmas dress finished!

Welcome home

How bee-you-tee-ful.

hello happy plant

And we didn’t miss the amaryllis. He’s so so close!

amaryllis january

amaryllis january

This trip was a weird-o. Two flights were cancelled for snowstorms in Philadelphia and up the east coast, so we got in the car and hit it.

Though I had tons of car space in which to cart back fabric, I never even went to Gaffney’s. Dunno, just wasn’t in me. Does this mean I really really live here? I have enough amazing fabric shopping options here, I don’t need to hoard from Gaffney’s twice a year?

And I’m leaving this up a while longer:

newlywed christmas tree

O Christmas Plants

How to solve the fresh/fake debate. Throw up lights on all the umbrella trees.

christmas plant

Add ornaments lovingly.

upstairs christmas

Turn off overhead lights. Sit. Love.

downstairs christmas

Delicious presents might be the best ones

Pasta machine with raviolini attachment, with love, Mister’s sister.

pasta machine!

Box of locally mixed spices, with love, Mister’s sister’s grillmaster boyfriend.

yum! herby christmas!

Fabulous homemade dinner date for them, with love from us and our jammed spice cabinet?

that spice cabinet is jammed!