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R.I.P., dear button sweater


Somehow this little guy fell into the hamper. So he got tossed into the washer. Then into the dryer.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was joined in the dryer by some Velcro bibs.


“Boo boos,” Mr. Baby would say.

I cried. For real. For a few minutes.

It shrank. The velcro grabbed two places in the sleeves, felting them mightily. Kind of like scabs.

button panel pullover for mr. o

button panel pullover for mr. o

There’s a hole in the front, too. Maybe some ends came unwoven?

button panel pullover for mr. o

button panel pullover for mr. o

I started this sweater before I knew who Mr. Baby was going to be. Hence the teal panel.


I finished it after he was born, sewed on all those lousy buttons and dressed him in it as much as I could. I was new to knitting so this was a real accomplishment.



I’ve since bought cotton yarn to make a bigger, lighter one for spring. Such a lovely sweater.

I’m not sure there’s a way to fix it. Mr. Baby already outgrew it which is why it needed a wash. But now it’s super teeny and is full of “booboos.”

Boo hoo.

What if I said ‘F that zipper’?

And just sew up the back?

I’m making this Simplicity 3506 dress from this other little knit thrifted dress.

And I ended up cutting the front of the Simplicity from the front of a shirtdress with buttons halfway up the front. Only one button and buttonhole survived, but one button and buttonhole still function.

So I sewed up the center back to the notch as written. Sewed the shoulders, pressed seam allowances flat and then, Aha!

What if I don’t have to insert a zipper up the back? What if the V-neck of the dress combined with the buttoned up placket of the fabric were enough to poke my fat head through? Like I just sewed it up neatly, like this?

Goddamnit, I think that’ll do. I think it’ll work.

F that zipper now!


I also hit the cashmere sweater jackpot, too. But that’s for another story. 

I paid full price, too. All $2.49 of it for the bag. Didn’t even wait for the Monday sale.

Best part might be the teeny old prices. 




giant oranges

teal three sets

Worth it?

I don’t know what the handwriting means though. Thoughts? 

I smell some dresses for these buttons.

Now for the twirliest skirt

The top of the twirliest, pinkest Christmas dress is done! According to pattern, too.  

dress Christmas 2009 top finished

Look at those bound seams. Topstitching. Pintucks. Mmm hmm. I went nice and slow, with only the pressure last weekend of finishing the top. Now to add a twirly twirly  skirt, with help from this tutorial.  

And a button from the old button box.

button box

I wanted to use a stray, if there was a good one, instead of breaking up a set. Here’s the stray bag emptied out onto the little bodice. 

dress Christmas 2009 buttons?

And the finalists. I think the little red one with the eye on the back’s going to win. Though the orange on with the circles makes me want to start something it could go on.  

dress Christmas 2009 button finalists?

Refitting = decluttering

I can’t stand the clutter in my apartment and closet anymore! It’s been dragging me down and occupying more mental energy than it is worth. Plus it’s that time of year in Chicago where I’m itching to put on more than my winter black turtleneck and dark cords.

Of course, I’m all supposed to be working on this other little project, but I’ve reached a point where I need another set of hands. And I’m too germy tonight to ask her, new mama of a teeny baby, to risk infection.


So this eve, I’m home with Svengoolietonight showing The Blob starring Steve McQueen and a sweet Burt Bacharach theme song all from 1958 — and the sewing machine, wrapping up all those little oddball repairs and fixes that have rendered so much clothing a total drag to wear.

This little sheer purple thrifted blouse had its ugly old button stuck on by the previous owner for ornamental purposes replaced with a cutie little flowered one.

Purple blouse w ugly button

Purple blouse after close

Purple blouse front

It’s really see through and needs its own proper slip to wear underneath. I’ll table that for the next time SvenG shoes the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Purple blouse after

Some gray flannel pants needed a good hem. I shortened them with a little cheat technique I’ll post soon.

Gray pants hem

I started taking in a black top with some gold and purple irises on the front. Started pinning in some darts in the back to give the thing some shape. Then I thought about maybe just posting the thing on etsy as is.

top purple iris

Iris shirt during pin darts

And some black knit thrifted pants that were too big got taken in by the rear seam. Not a glamorous enough repair to photograph.

Must say that Svengoolie makes for excellent company.


I didn’t grow up here with him on Saturday nights. In Philadelphia, we had a similar cheeseball horror show called Saturday Night Dead featuring a busty hostess called Stella. Only Svengoolie has better songs than I remember on SND. And he starts at like 9 p.m. instead of 1 a.m.

Here’s hoping somebody ponies up the cash for the glow-in-the-dark Svengoolie t-shirt in time for my birthday. Though I think I’ve blown my t-shirt karma around here in a stack of boxy shirts destined for refashions but still sitting in the pile.

Svengoolie opening