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Sticking to it

Ah geez, such temptation.

Eve Jacket Pattern by Schnittchen

Been ogling this jacket for myself since Oona posted it. Giant hood. Quirky shape. Simply and delicious.

And today, stupid Vogue Fabrics sends me a discount code for beautiful coat fabrics in my favorite color for a very limited time during a Blizzard of Savings.

Wool Blend Bouclé Fabric – Light Texture Coating – Eggplant #21 – Vogue Fabrics

Normally, I would have snatched it all up and added to the pile. This time, I am trying very hard to resist. The temptation came so very fast though. They’ll have another sale, right? The jacket pattern isn’t going away. I can always give this a try when my other projects that I started because I loved them are done and thusly loved.

As you are my witness, I am resisting. For pete’s sake, it’s only February.

And a dress for me


Nothing from scratch or anything. Finally a redo to make it fit me. This stuff’s like polyester-wool boucle. Amazing texture. Cute lines in the front, too. Can you see the loop under the buttons? That (and the color) is what sold me. 

My pile of things to finish is raging out of control worse than usual. But since this dress mostly has princess seams, it wasn’t a difficult fix. Just lots of pinning and some basting. The sleeves needed shortening too. No big deal. I didn’t touch the hem because the skirt has front pleats. I think for Thanksgiving dinner it’ll work.

I finished it last night, gave it a hand wash overnight and hung the thing to dry today. Photographed all kinds of angles, including the long yarn fished through the zipper so I could get it on and off myself easily while fitting. Also, the little bits of darning the old fabric needed in a few spots.  

Then I managed to delete all the photos, save the one above.