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Spring inspiration

First I’m looking at shapes:

I keep picking up patterns in these shapes is the good news.

Quickie refashion = new dress for me

First I saw this:


And closed my eyes and saw this:


And with some scissors to take off the sleeves and some pins to bind up the arms and enough stitching to take in the sides

dress-black-wool-arms pinned

I made it happen:


I like using seam allowances from pulling things in to bind edges lately. I love turning garments too big for me into cap-sleeved things that fit exactly right.

And I love throwing long, long pearls and a little sweater over this now-classic dress.

Sneaky peek at vintage local luxury

Talk about jackpot! Thank you, Markham thrifts!

Here’s a peek at the luxe details while I get this beauty cleaned.

Pleated satin ribbon hides the lace lining seam.


Luckily there are discreet snaps to secure the collar.


The clasp looks amazing but doesn’t hook anymore.


My favorite part? I own another little piece of a local industry. It’s not Caron, but it’s amazing.


how to… shorten blouse sleeves-3

I was playing with short sleeve a while back by making new short cuffs, and by resetting the whole sleeve to preserve the original cuffs.

Thrifted a long sleeved black cotton blouse this week because of the great wrap detail – a button plus tie with a cummerbund sort of detail – and decided, so I can wear it to work, to do the simplest shortening of all – a basic chop and hem – while watching the nightly news.

blouse black wrap before & after after… and before

You can see the long sleeve as a before, and the sleeve I shortened as an after.

Flip the blouse inside out to work with it. Mark where you want the short sleeve to end, cut straight across, and then hem using this failsafe method: Measure an inch from the raw edge, fold up wrong sides together and press. Then fold the raw edge into the fold, and press again. Tack with a few pins, then stitch with a basic straight stitch. I like to use excised sleeve #1 to mark and cut sleeve #2.

Doesn’t get much easier – unless you chop and wear, a la t-shirts.

How to… shorten blouse sleeves???

black blouse beforeWhat a winning little blouse, all black and ruffled and wrinkle-proof. The lightweight polyester-blended fabric will be great once the Thaw comes. The cuffs are ornate and adorable. The front has black-on-black stitched detail.

Except it’s hardly little.

I’m not teeny, but I’m not this unshapely, either, so I wanted to find a way to rock this in spring. Thanks to the Joann for having a sale on cone thread, and now I have enough black cones to run this thrifted little guy through the serger.

black blouse cuffsThis blouse needs its sides pulled in, and the sleeves yanked up rather than hemmed, so the lovely cuff detail remains. Tightening the sides will require resetting the sleeves anyway so the shoulders don’t droop. I think I’ll puff them, since there’ll be plenty of fabric to do so. More to come. Work has limited not only my free time but my attention span to deal with proper sewing.