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So those old beaded appliques

I was looking at this little cardigan, wondering how these beaded appliques happened. Since, you know, I haven’t seen them anywhere.

Like this one:

pearl cardigan

Ah! It’s a backing, like a Bedazzler backing,

pearl cardigan

hooking in the stone PLUS a bead on a wire on the bottom prong, the kind of wire not unlike an earring or a charm.

pearl cardigan

Now I know why I haven’t seen these anywhere. You have to make them yourself…

Losing my L’s

For a time, I wore tons of tops with beaded L’s embroidered on them.

Totally easy to do. Got the beads long ago in the Middle East. The tops came from Strawbridge’s.

Alas, they’re from skinnier days. Time to say goodbye.

L red


A date with Joan Crawford and Svengoolie

Another Saturday night with Svengoolie.

Berserk - Svengoolie

Jackpot! Joan Crawford in 1967’s Berserk, where Joan’s “Monica Rivers” takes advantage of a string of murders to promote the traveling(!) circus(!) she(!) owns(!).

Wears only beautiful clothes, ties hair up in fantastic knots.

Berserk - Joan and love

Rocks red beads with coral suit.

Berserk - Joan in beads

I’ve been spending so much time with Sven I’ve started thinking about a costume for 10/31/10. Mister could be a rubber chicken. Or the organist?

Berserk - Svengoolie sings

Refashion: One ugly necklace into two winners

I always forget to take the “before”. So kindly use your imaginations.

Imagine the teal necklace without any of the silver beads. And imagine three green drops smooshed between each beautiful carved round teal bead.

So sad.

A coworker — the lady who keeps the office humming and makes my life a whole lot simpler — won the necklace in some sort of raffle. Brought it in to me, horrified about the combination but hopeful the beads could me made into something else. She also brought me tiny glass silver spacers and I dug into the stash for clear glass with silver insides.

And voila!

Silver spacers between the teal shell pieces and round beads stretched long enough for a new necklace.

The spiral in the green necklace wire is a happy accident.

I was pulling the teal cord as taut as I could before crimping the ends and didn’t realize yanking the cord through such small holes would act like a blade on curling ribbon.

But in the end, I think it’s winning.

Quick rebeading

My mister’s aunt and uncle brought me stunning jewelry from India as a belated Christmas present. It’s all giant and chunky and in fantastic colors that I might not buy for myself but that I already love.

My favorite kind of gift.

glass beads

This glass necklace bugged me, though, because the multicolored beads were overshadowed by gold plastic spacer beads that already were chipping.

I did lose a few inches in the restringing, but the length is still great and this teeny adjustment makes me want to wear the beads all the time.

glass beads restrung