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Note to self, copy these

So simple and happy. Colorblocking = cheery + uses up scraps.

raglan ts

Bet those pockets are fake. Must remember to topstitch more of his clothes to make them look more professional. That little tie’s probably sewn on, too. Not spending $8/pair on everyday baby shorts, not when I have patterns and stashes.



UFO: little pink sweater

I started this baby ballet sweater more than a year ago to give to a little girl born right before Mr. O.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

Got 90 percent done – it was all knitted and partly sewn together – and hit a roadblock. I didn’t like the seams, I didn’t know how to neatly attach the wrap binding to the edge. I put it down.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

It sat. She grew. It sat some more. I swore off seamed sweaters and moved on to one-piecers. She’s way too big now and has been for many months.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

But 2015 is the year of finishing, of using up, of enjoying. So I picked it back up, decided it wasn’t bad and finished sewing her together. She will find a home with a sweet little girl who just popped out last month.

ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely


ballet blossom cardigan because new friend is lovely

Details here c/o Ravelry.

Making lots of baby pants

I can’t say enough nice things about this Simplicity 2907 pants pattern. It’s unisex, it’s simple to make, pops onto the baby easily with an elastic waist, and its four-part design allows for cutting a variety of styles. And using the same pattern over and over means working faster without cutting corners.

First, though, I used photocopies of the pieces to make the pants a little bit skinnier.

pattern adjustments via photocopier

Took 1/2″ off each side; Mr. Baby is long and lean.

pattern adjustments via photocopier
Then I lined up the fabrics on the dining room table Sunday and traced and traced and traced. Each pair needed about 1/2 yard.


Some of the pants will be four pieces, as written. Some have solid backs but two-piece topstitched fronts. Some I converted into two-piece by lengthening the fronts by about 5 1/2 inches on each side. The wovens will get pockets, the knits and fleeces will not.

Mass cutting followed. Then lots of pinning together. Then stacked according to thread color, which is how I’ll sew them, a color at a time.

These four-piece pants got cut from a UFO denim skirt from a time when I had zero understanding of grain.

pants from UFO denim skirt

Otherwise, why would I have used straight ribbon to finish the waistband? Hence the resulting mess.

pants from UFO denim skirt

Just enough left to get pockets.

pants from UFO denim skirt

We’ll see if these pockets actually work. It was a tight fit in the end.

Whenever you’re ready, little girl

Little niece, you can come out now.

cardigan because niece is born

Plain cardigan by Heidi and Anna Pickles. White cotton, pale pink dome buttons from the button box. Smallest size – NB to 3 mos – so she can wear it right away. The little girl, who now is a few days overdue, lives in the desert and by 6 mos won’t really need a sweater!

I like the garter edges and the overall simplicity of the pattern. Should be easy to button her into.

cardigan because niece is born

cardigan because niece is born

Will wrap and mail once we know she’s out safely.

cardigan because niece is born

This pattern gave me a whole bunch of trouble (details here) but I’m pleased with the result. The asymmetry is unintentional but cute.


Baby blankets

Ok, they’re not clever. But I think they’re sweet. And I still have some of the teeny blankets my mom-mom made for me and for my baby dolls. Plus the crochet makes less noise than the sewing machine late at night when one of us feels like a movie.

john walter's blanket

Happy blankie, baby!

Big Poppa for Teeny Baby

My dear friends are getting a baby in a few weeks. So of course we made them some presents. The bebe gets a blanky, a giant square of a blanky crocheted from fun Hobby Lobby yarn in circus colors. Mama, like me, isn’t into pastels and is convinced the most unisex color of all is red.

Mama I adore, but Poppa is my colleague and original tie to the family. And since we’re not particularly into indulging the demands of teeny babies, Poppa — our loyal date to summer rock and roll concerts, our link to Boris and the Hold Steadies — has our sympathy and especial love.

Poppa also has fab taste in music and a demeanor best described as  generally nonplussed. At any rate, he’s not into pastel schtuff either, and wasn’t likely to receive any special presents at this weekend’s bebefest, so we made him one to treasure.

And he did love it when we called him, at the shower, Big Poppa, comme ca:

 daddy shirt-after

Really. My mister is loving freezer paper stencils since watching me craft a Halloween costume from a yellow t-shirt. We were Pat Hughes and Ron Santo of WGN’s The Pat and Ron Show, and since Pat – the literal play-by-play broadcast man is so very boring, I had to invent his costume and dress him in a t-shirt of one of the show’s sponsors, Square D, (Part of the Power of Wrigley Field).

But I digress. Mister saw the custom Square-D shirt and became convinced we could copy the method. So we fought over WHICH Biggie Smalls song to print onto a shirt. He voted for the “One More Chance Remix”, featuring the opening lyric, “First things first, I Papa,” and continuing in a filthy manner.

It’s not that  I vetoed, it’s only that I had to cut out the letters and “Big Poppa,” as in, “I love it when they call me”, would be easier to chop out of freezer paper and also would fit better across Poppa’s front.

Anyway, enjoy the effect of a freezer paper stencil. We used this velveteen finish paint from the JoJo if only because it was the only black finish available in the small bottle. 

daddy shirt-texture

I’d buy it again specially since it worked very simply; you wait until the paint dries, then hold your very steamy iron about half an inch away and watch the paint rise and get a velvety texture. Plus it comes readily at the JoJo.

daddy shirt-design after
If I had Poppa’s shirt to do again, I might have the Mister cut out the other parts of the design. Maybe we cut the wrong negative space???

Anyhoo, my how-to is here.