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O Christmas Plants

How to solve the fresh/fake debate. Throw up lights on all the umbrella trees.

christmas plant

Add ornaments lovingly.

upstairs christmas

Turn off overhead lights. Sit. Love.

downstairs christmas

Great, just great

I mean that for real. Because despite 60+ sunny temps all week, today it is snowing like a banshee.

March misery

My garden pots are coated with snow.

My garden so far

Not a dainty snowfall, either. It’s a proper storm.

Snows of March

What a day to cut and baste?!

Charming sometimes, charminger now

My sister makes everything more charming. Like Chicago in March.

It’s a rare visit when she comes on her own and I’m home alone and we have only to entertain each other. And we only did things we like.

Art Institute, to look at ladies, artichokes —

'Woman descending staircase'

britt, room

spoon woman

saucy, full length

artichokes, de chirico

Millennium Park —
Chinese art @ Millennium Park, 2010

Self-p inside Bean, 2010

Chicago Cultural Center —
Chicago Cultural Center, ceiling



South Side Irish parties —


Liar’s Club —

Disco ball
'beer nuts'

Unseen: Thrifting. Neo-Futurist theater. Fingernail painting. Taco making. Various lounging. Lady movie watching. Wine sipping.

Winter gardening

Little tiny bit of growing on the homefront, despite a recent evening snowfall.

Snow covered my pots

First, Frosty the fuzzy echeveria has decided to procreate.

Frosty is a mother!

There are two teeny fuzzies popping up from the stem.

Then, on the gangly cane plant I rescued from they alley a few summers ago, there are spouts on the two stalks I lopped off in the fall. 

Pruned plant sprouts!

Tons of sprouts. Three on one, four on the other.

Come spring, I’m going to lop the other two. Their tops are so raggedy.

Non-pruned stalk has a raggedy top

I love mummers

Who doesn’t, really? Fought off terrible cold to sit in the middle of Broad Street (at Washington) for a prime seat to the 2010 Mummers Parade.

cops don't watch the crowds

On the way via Carpenter Street, we found much evidence of a last-minute slipper-goldening.

evidence some slippers got goldened


Classic string band costumes:
classic mummers

string bands

And less classic but equally fun:
hot sauce! and oyster.