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Delicious presents might be the best ones

Pasta machine with raviolini attachment, with love, Mister’s sister.

pasta machine!

Box of locally mixed spices, with love, Mister’s sister’s grillmaster boyfriend.

yum! herby christmas!

Fabulous homemade dinner date for them, with love from us and our jammed spice cabinet?

that spice cabinet is jammed!

Christmas looked like this at our house

It’s not even the Christmas tree I like, it’s the ornaments. I didn’t grow up with a matchy tree. Every ornament had been handmade or had a story. My dad cries when he puts his tree up with all the reminiscing. This year, I did a little, too. The Mister and I have had Christmas together at home since 2004.

But  we don’t have a tree anymore. We do however have a couple big umbrella plants wintering indoors. They totally hold ornaments.

tree 2009

ornament 2009 with love

tree 2009

So do stairs.

ornament turtle 2009

staircase 2009

stairs 2009

At our last apartment, we ended up hanging ornaments on a firescreen  and putting presents at the bottom. I liked that too, but the screen didn’t make the move.

I guess me and Mister had a tree a few times. Then we were bolting for Philadelphia, so we stopped. I have mixed feelings about chopping a whole tree down for a few weeks too, but mostly we skipped the tree because we didn’t have time to deal.

This one was a present from an aunt, whose son got married in 2009, too. Her tree was all done up in wedding!

ornament first christmas 2009

And we received a box of newlywed ornaments from Mister’s mama, complete with small metal tree frame, too, to hold the 12 symbols of things you need for a good marriage.

12 newlywed ornaments

Of course I like the feathery bird, best.

bird newlywed ornament

Earlier today, my brother told me his Christmas boxes got wiped out Friday when his house caught fire. That would make me extra sad, to lose those years of memories. I wonder what I should start crafting to replenish his stash?