how to…

make stuff w me:

make a tiered skirtcheat a hem, sew French seams, make rufflesprint w freezer paper stencil, cut a top from a bad fit, turn a giant t-shirt into a top, shorten sleeves by making new cuffs, shorten sleeves by preserving cuffs, straighten bootcut pants, alter maternity tops, flip the sleeves on a baggy sweater, alter a boxy sweater, turn big sleeves into leg-of-mutton ones

make stuff w others: crochet an endless ripple blanket, knit a zig zag scarf from ends, make a dress from a pillowcase, fuse plastic bags into fabric, knit mary jane slippers, knit mary jane slippers 2, insert a keyhole into a top, master buttonholes, print w freezer paper stencils, use a french bias binding, make beads from newspaper, modernize a polyester dress, make jeans skinny, knit a fans and feathers scarf, knit a fabulous sweater, knit a kimono cardigan knit a baby sweater dress, crochet a ripply scarf, sew a pincushion, ruffle up a skirt, sew up silky slip underwear, pleat ribbon into trim, crochet a yo-yo afghan,

(make stuff later on): make a skirt into a dress or top, lengthen a shirt pattern into a dress, remount an old t-shirt design onto a new one, sew slippery fabrics, insert zippers into skinny jeans

grow stuff w me: build a plant tower, compost in a small space,

  1. May 7th, 2008

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