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Trying a binding from some scraps

I think this is the best stash fabric I have to make a binding for this sweater dress refashion.

purple sweater refashion, binding fabric

Used it years ago to make a wrap dress for a family anniversary party.

There was plenty in the scrap to cut a long enough bias strip to bind the new scoop neckline.

purple sweater refashion, measuring binding

There were not enough wool scraps to do a self-bind, and even if there were, this synthetic will be less itchy than more wool against my skin.

Purple. Clearly I adore it. It’s exciting that my purples now are working in harmony.

Fun at estate sales

Fun indeed. Look at this ad.

Headed up to Chicago’s Wildwood community this weekend, a neighborhood I’d never been to, to see the treasures in a house that looked as if it hadn’t been updated since the late 1960s, though also as if it had been beautifully tended.

I escaped narrowly, $7 later. Bought up a stack of greeting cards and these treasures.

No, I am not an Aquarius. I don’t care.
pearly earrings $.25

No, I’m not a Pisces, either.

pendant $4

I *was* born in 1976.

pin $1

My lady friend, with whom I’m trying hard to cultivate a real friendship since she’s an absolutely smarty-pants gem, made off with a giant brooch that has a watchface in it.

There are plans to go out again, to stick out nosy noses into real estate open houses and then hit the thrifts.

Alas, not in the western burbs. One of my best Salvation Army stores is no more. Its strip mall got knocked down.

Take ratty silver sweater set; make silver shrug

christmas dress finished!

The little shrug used to be a Tommy Hilfiger sweater set in white and silver.

sweater silver

sweater silver tag

Who knows what I spilled on it?

sweater silver gross

Or how the undershirt turned pink?

sweater silver inside

I turned it into a shrug for the Christmas dress, using the little included pattern.

shrug pattern

The long sleeves, once cut off and opened up, provided the last of the fabric for the four piece little jacket.

shrug from sleeves


Melted my dress front, bodice.

s 2360 bodice melted

Iron too hot.

Maybe can be saved.

With lots of topstitching

s 2360 bodice melted topstitched

Can you tell?!?!?!

Just a muslin…

Time for a brooch.

Wearable muslin in progress

This dress falls under the manifesto. Simple, V-necked, cap sleeves, waist to it.

And it looks adorable. Also, its small pieces should let me cut it out from old giant silk dresses I find everywhere at the thrifts — the front and back alone would fit on old full sleeves.

So I started a version from some old red synthetic stuff I bought at Gaffney’s years and years ago. Discovered that I used said chunk for binding or something, so it’s missing a triangle.

dress s 2360 tight fit

Let me tell you that took some careful cutting including much repositioning and some profanity. I ended up folding the selvedges into the center fold to have enough fold to cut on.

dress s 2360 close fit

I’m making the short sleeved version, V-neck of course, without any fuss on it.

If the dress works on me, I have some ideas…