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Special delivery

We made invitations to look like news.


Invite front

Used these seal and send invites bought from LCI paper. They fold up nicely into a small packet that’s self contained.

And has a detachable postcard at the bottom that works suitably for a reply card (my mother won that debate).

Invite-response card front

Invite-response card

It was the closest we could pull off to these AMAZING invitations I found at Tugboat Printshop on Flickr. We’re writers, not printers, so we had to cheat a little bit. Also, no envelopes and no extra paper waste (think: those awful little tissue paper inserts).

Ecru paper looks old since we’re both newspaper reporters getting married in an old Philadelphia newspaper building. Used some story text from Bruno Mancari’s murder trial where we met, to add some gray texture to the front.

Invite-address box

And the story chosen recounts the outburst in open court of a witness’ wife who shrieks before the judge and jury that her husband (who now has taken the fifth amendment and reneged on his deal with the state) still! has! a! deal!

Lesson learned: Stand by your husband, even when he’s accused of burying a hammer in some poor slob’s brain. ESPECIALLY when he’s accused of such.

The Liberty Bell has remained a strong image throughout the few things we’ve had printed, as have the pointing fingers that appear on the front page of the real-life Public Ledger. The Liberty Bell was to be the main event on thank you cards, too, but my Mister protested about his Chicago roots. More to come about those cards soon.

Will just say for now that screwing up the plan often leads to a better plan. And securing a reputation for being a little off-kilter is a worthwhile enterprise that may spare later headaches.

A promise of Love: Save it

We’re getting married! In May in the old part of Philadelphia. And now that locations and invite lists are settled, it’s time to do fun stuff now!


I love the man whose life is getting joined to mine, and he’s a reporter, too. I don’t love the wedding industry and all the consumerism, and how it turns people who love each other as families and friends against each other with so many “musts.” Our inner  reporter proves too skeptical to take wedding salesladies at their word (I’ve gotten through a bunch of stores without uttering the word, claiming accurately that it’s a Very Fancy Party.) 

So we decided to skip some of the nonsense, and recreate some other nonsense ourselves.

Here’s how we asked family and friends to save the date: We think it’s amazingly good news. 

 Neatly separated

I found the engraved liberty bell and old-timey poster fingers online. The party’s going to be in the old Philadelphia Public Ledger, the city’s first penny newspaper, and one of the original front pages had “fancy” ads introduced by such a pointing finger.

Printed out the postcards, two to a page, on a regular printer, using good cardstock from the Hobby Lobby.
Printed out

Then my dad helped us trim and separate them using his original carpenter’s square from when he first became an apprentice. If I’m 32, he went through carpentry school maybe 35 years ago.
Cut with a utility knife and carpenter's square

We marked the back side of a glass cutting board and sliced through with a utility knife.

Separating cards

I think I’ll use postcards as much as possible. You get the news faster when there’s no envelope.