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Sticking to it

Ah geez, such temptation.

Eve Jacket Pattern by Schnittchen

Been ogling this jacket for myself since Oona posted it. Giant hood. Quirky shape. Simply and delicious.

And today, stupid Vogue Fabrics sends me a discount code for beautiful coat fabrics in my favorite color for a very limited time during a Blizzard of Savings.

Wool Blend Bouclé Fabric – Light Texture Coating – Eggplant #21 – Vogue Fabrics

Normally, I would have snatched it all up and added to the pile. This time, I am trying very hard to resist. The temptation came so very fast though. They’ll have another sale, right? The jacket pattern isn’t going away. I can always give this a try when my other projects that I started because I loved them are done and thusly loved.

As you are my witness, I am resisting. For pete’s sake, it’s only February.

And fabrics

For spring consideration, stuff kicking around the house.

A gray and black and lilac on white rayon blend.

purple gray black white rayon blend

Gray twill.

fabric-gray twill 2

Gray and white leopard poly/rayon blend.

gray black white leopard rayon blend

Black and white dotted cotton blend.


Magenta sheer silk.

silk magenta print

Purples (except the velvet)


Purple on white polyester

purple and white polyester crepe

Fun, c/o Gaffney’s and Vogue, mostly. Yard sales, too.

Cleaning up all the scraps

I’m such a terrible hoarder. Can’t bear to waste anything. So I have bags and a few bins of fabric scraps I guess I was saving for linings and bindings. And because they’re beautiful.

This project might be the answer. A scrap quilt.

I get to use all those charming little pieces, and someone gets a charming little quilt out of the deal. Nothing gets wasted. Useful fabric remains useful.

I like it.

Foot fiasco

The  dress I’m trying to finish this weekend – with POCKETS – is telling me it needs a zipper foot to do the back zip. I’ve tricked my machine into sewing zippers without a zipper foot, but I’ve been trying to improve the quality of sewing, so I want to try to do this right.

I pawed through a jumble of sewing machine accessories and found a mess of metal.

Look what I’ve been sitting on:

An adjustable hemmer foot that won’t fit my machine

Of the whole little box, these are the only things I can use

A cloth guide, Singer 25527.

All these years, I’ve been sticking masking tape to the machine to do this. And now I know what that random hole is for, too.

And a blind hemming guide

NO! I’ve resisted buying new sewing stuff all week. Ignored a giant JoAnn sale. Went into the Hancock to look at patterns and polished cotton and put it all back. And now I need a trip to the Vogue for a zipper foot?!

Right. Figures it doesn’t fit after a special trip. My trusty Singer Stylist 776 has a slanty shaft. When can I get to the Hancock to get the right size? And then where am I going to hide two yards of silver metallic silk?

Patterns are my “puppies”

My friend B found a puppy store close to our job she visited whenever she felt down. The puppies just… cheered her up. Fixed her day. Got her out of bed sometimes. She tried at length to get me to go with but I never did. I like puppies and all but for me, “puppies” equals “patterns”.

So when I was having a lousy Thursday, I moseyed next door to the Hancock Fabrics to look with ladies through the pattern books. The older ladies who work and shop there are cheerful, calming, chatty. They want help with decisions, admire your choices, comment on the really crazy patterns.

Since my friend eventually bought herself a Boston terrier now named Mona, I took advantage of a $.99 sale and walked out with 10 beauties of my own.

Crazy Lifestyle Wardrobe and pajamas — I KNOW. (Actually, the line drawings look less ridiculous than the pattern photos) But look at the t-shirts that come with. One of them might fit Dolly.

A wrap dress with a proper V-neck. The one I have comes up too high and I feel old in it.

Boy’s shirts (and baby romper) in tons of sizes for my Mister, brothers, nephews. A good staple.

A hoodie that’ll fit snugly and not all naked. Can’t save the photo so it’s here. Look at the top, too. Love that.

Blouses and simple dresses for the summer.

And two Cynthia Rowleys I’m so geeked up about too. The sleeveless ruffled one would look amazing on my sister. The tunic one is going to become a staple and a stash-eater.


I also hit the cashmere sweater jackpot, too. But that’s for another story. 

I paid full price, too. All $2.49 of it for the bag. Didn’t even wait for the Monday sale.

Best part might be the teeny old prices. 




giant oranges

teal three sets

Worth it?

I don’t know what the handwriting means though. Thoughts? 

I smell some dresses for these buttons.

A top from a skirt!

I had one of these:

skirt metallic brocade before

Remember? I didn’t want a shiny tush.

So now I have one of these:

skirt to top after
Here’s how to make a top from a straight skirt.

Unpick the elastic waist. Remove the side hanger loops. Open out the waistband casing.

skirt to top refashion

Unpick the skirt’s side seams far enough to comfortably fit your arms, the same distance on both sides.

skirt to top refashion

Turn the skirt inside out. Press down the seam allowances to sew — don’t open them out. I used a long stitch set to wide zig zag.

With the skirt still inside out, pin a few inches at the top of what used to be the waist. These are about to become your shoulder seams. Keep fitting and pinning until you like the way it looks and fits.

skirt to top refashion

skirt to top refashion shoulders

Stitch both sides.

Press down the seam allowance at the neck, what used to be the waist, between the shoulder seams. Stitch both sides or finish as you like.

I used a knit skirt with a little stretch so the top fits over my head. You could also put in a keyhole closure in the back if you need to get the thing over your noggin. I might try that on the next one.

In the end, since the skirt had some curves in the sides to accommodate hips, I ended up straightening the side seams a bit so the thing wouldn’t poof out.

skirt to top refashion

skirt to top after