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Conquering silky fears

Clearly I’m scared to cut the purple silk dress because I keep inventing other things to do instead of it.

Like posting this fitzfab tracing technique on Burdastyle. Drafted some more posts about all the red and white dresses I thrifted for spring, how to fix a brown print dress so it looks like me. Totally getting stuff done. Just not the one thing I should be doing.

Now I tell myself Mister’s taking up the kitchen — the only spot in the house where I have enough space to cut —making chili.

How do you conquer your fear of ruining fabric and just dive in?

Sneak peek

Buttons and print are completely goofy. Fabric won’t wrinkle. Not too fussy for work. 

I think I’m going to keep this one. 


But only after I make it fit me better.

Then I’ll show off the whole thing.

TV to craft by

I got stuck upstairs with really terrible craft TV on PBS the past couple of Saturdays. 

C’mon, PBS, why do you have to do this? 

I read Gertie’s sewing blog almost daily, and I have to think PBS would be super lucky to have her. 

Because their idea of crafty TV – which comes on the Create channel Saturdays especially – consists of this Knit and Crochet Today.  

Hosted by this, um, woman

It’s so frustrating. All that educational TV time and nothing crafty — save really traditional quilting — to learn. The projects are frumpy, the ‘talent’ is really awkward and the shows are just a waste of time, which of course I tune back to every Saturday while futzing.  

Could they make knitting or crocheting look dumber? Really?!

Dresses make good presents, right?

dress hawaiian front close

I owe my sister-in-law a birthday present and had bought her this vintage Hawaiian dress to wear at my mom’s beach house, where us ladies like to roam the joint in muu-muus. That’s a true story. Mine’s green. Sister’s is red and white, our mom’s is leopard print.

dress hawaiian

SIL, who loves pink, didn’t have one, so I thought about hemming the original maxidress a little to fit her. It’s really good heavy fabric and has this great scoop back.

dress hawaiian back close 


What if she and her 4-year-old had the same dress? What if I hemmed the thing to the knee, a length she’s more likely to actually wear, and use the *good* foot of fabric at the bottom to make a dress for my niece?

I pulled out my little girl patterns and found a handful of possibilities for my niece.

Ruby dress patterns

The halter patterns on the left are very summer, but I think in the spirit of the muu-muu, I’m going with the dress on the right, the one with the ruffled skirt. I think it’ll fit the fabric I have better, too.

Ruby pattern 1

Thoughts while I hem the original dress? 4-year-olds still like to match their moms, right?

Help me…turn this skirt into a top

This skirt is fun, thank you, Markham half-price thrift.

Metallic brocade skirt before

It’s a metallic multicolored brocade knit with a gold embroidered band at the bottom. There’s no slit, there’s just elastic at the waist and the whole thing is just too big for me.

I don’t want to wear it as a skirt. I want to transform this little guy into a top, keeping the bottom band intact and wearing it around my hips. Thought about pulling out the elastic and sewing/cutting appropriately to end up with cap sleeves. Tube top isn’t an option. I don’t like to be naked. And if I have sleeves on, I’ll happily don the over-the-top fabric.

Any suggestions? Any pattern in mind?