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Glitch in the spring sewing plan

More white stuff came down today, not tons like before but still enough to make me stay the heck home.

pots under snow

porch under snow

window in snow

indoor garden


Welcome home

How bee-you-tee-ful.

hello happy plant

And we didn’t miss the amaryllis. He’s so so close!

amaryllis january

amaryllis january

This trip was a weird-o. Two flights were cancelled for snowstorms in Philadelphia and up the east coast, so we got in the car and hit it.

Though I had tons of car space in which to cart back fabric, I never even went to Gaffney’s. Dunno, just wasn’t in me. Does this mean I really really live here? I have enough amazing fabric shopping options here, I don’t need to hoard from Gaffney’s twice a year?

And I’m leaving this up a while longer:

newlywed christmas tree

Anise hyssop will take some care

I got my anise hyssop at the Master Gardener organic plant sale, and forked over all the $$$ for it because it’s perennial. Since I don’t want to spend again and since the line there was a mile long last spring, I’m trying hard to keep this guy going in my Zone 5 winter so I’ll see him again next year.

Delay pruning of your anise hyssop if you live in a cold climate.

Provide additional winter protection to your plant and do not disturb the leafless stems on the plant until spring.

Cut back the stems with your pruners to 6 inches above the ground in early spring.

He’s totally prairie. Thank you

Putting away a garden, vol. 1

I planted lots of perennials this year, hoping to keep them going. So this year, I can’t dump out the dirt. Logged some of the pots to remember what’s in each next spring.

Long box: Lemon thyme, Cuban oregano (which probably won’t work in this cold climate) and Greek oregano.

skinny box

cuban oregano in skinny box

oregano in skinny box

This random dude popped up too. Don’t know what he is though.


The little tower has


Globe thistles in the top

thistles in tower top

Flax (hurting a little) in the middle
flax in tower middle

And coral bells in the bottom
coral bells in tower bottom

The broken pot has chives and spicy oregano I’m sort of babysitting for friends who moved away, and snapdragons.

chives and oregano and snapdragons

And this is supposed to be red lobelia, but I already cut it.

red lobelia

Round one, complete. Round two to come.

Happy planter

A piece of aloe from one of Pop’s trips up from Florida. Plus a ceramic elephant planter also from one of his forages.

aloe elephant

Makes me happy is all.

Hello, hibiscus

Good morning, charming flower.

hibiscus face
It was a totally lousy morning, too. So overcast, the flash kicked in automatically.

hibiscus dark

hibiscus bright

Bet this is the  last one of the season. So many buds got knocked off during bad thunderstorms earlier this summer.

hibiscus tomato can

There’s a stunner of a glory too in dark purple.

If you ask my garden, it’s still summer.


My garden is even glorious-er now

What with bursts of rain and heat. Stink tree’s constant rain of putrid pollen notwithstanding, it’s been a very gardeny sort of spring. And my pots survived some terrible storms. Or I would have cried for real.

The succulent bowl is back at it, replenished.

succulent bowl after some prodding

The stairs are blooming.
garden on a stair

This chamomile seeded itself.

chamomile seeded itself

Bees buzz in these dangly flowers by the fence.

bee flowers

Nothing makes me happier than growing things.