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how to…make ruffles

This top started out as a thrifted nightshirt with a plain front and a bottom rounded bottom edge. Which I promptly cut off and then hemmed up the shirt edge. Those scraps stared at me for months until I figured it out: Ruffles for the front. finished close up of ruffled front Making ruffles is [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Finishing more and more

Today was just a silly sleeve job on a long fine wool sweater dress, a black Nina Ricci that goes almost to my toes. The short sleeves were too long still and frumpy looking.It’s not a length I normally wear but it looks like an amazing canvas for jewelry: Probably piles of long necklaces. And [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Spring inspiration

First I’m looking at shapes: I keep picking up patterns in these shapes is the good news[ READ MORE ]

More thinking about A Wardrobe

My sewing time is precious and small, right? And lately, I’ve had some big misses with projects. And the things I’ve managed to finish, I haven’t been so excited to put on. And my everyday has some serious holes. Also I’m easily distracted. I took the advice of a bunch of smart sewers, mostly ladies, [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

Patterns are my “puppies”

My friend B found a puppy store close to our job she visited whenever she felt down. The puppies just… cheered her up. Fixed her day. Got her out of bed sometimes. She tried at length to get me to go with but I never did. I like puppies and all but for me, “puppies” [&hellip[ READ MORE ]