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How to… sew a lot at a time

In sum, you work an assembly line. You do lots of the same thing in a sitting.

I traced and cut four pairs of boxers in one sitting. Same pattern, same markers, same lengths of cotton in four designs. Traced then cut. Then pinned them all.

Sometimes, the assembly line is the way to go.

Now it’s time for a bunch of sewing. Two piles make it all go faster.

White thread on the left, black on the right:

sewing pile, white on left, black on right

White part of baby shirt, blue on white Star Wars boxers, green on white shamrock boxers:

white thread pile

Marvel comic printed boxers, camouflage baby shorts, denim baby shorts. Green boxers — that one actually needs its own thread.

Black thread pile

Right now, the machine is threaded with black. I ran a bunch of seams already.

Black thread pile

No rushing, but step by step. This is how I have to manage with so little sewing time at a time.

Happy Birthday, little friend

The friend in question is growing up in a super fun, amazingly colorful — some might say psychedelic — household. His parents took down their backyard zipline so they could put in a climbing wall. Giant gardens, lots of bonfires, a million choices of tea.

In sum, his family’s a total hoot. I often wish we lived closer.

Hence this sweater.

cardigan because joel is one

Color-changing rainbow yarn, simple cardigan pattern, vintage blue buttons from the stash.

cardigan because joel is one

cardigan because joel is one


cardigan because joel is one

I ended up knitting this on 11s instead of 10s. I wanted the knit to be loose for the spring rather than tight and bulky for winter. That might have been a misstep; it’s a bit big.

cardigan because joel is one

One skein did it. Here’s all that remained.

cardigan because joel is oneFull details on my Ravelry page here.


R.I.P., dear button sweater


Somehow this little guy fell into the hamper. So he got tossed into the washer. Then into the dryer.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it was joined in the dryer by some Velcro bibs.


“Boo boos,” Mr. Baby would say.

I cried. For real. For a few minutes.

It shrank. The velcro grabbed two places in the sleeves, felting them mightily. Kind of like scabs.

button panel pullover for mr. o

button panel pullover for mr. o

There’s a hole in the front, too. Maybe some ends came unwoven?

button panel pullover for mr. o

button panel pullover for mr. o

I started this sweater before I knew who Mr. Baby was going to be. Hence the teal panel.


I finished it after he was born, sewed on all those lousy buttons and dressed him in it as much as I could. I was new to knitting so this was a real accomplishment.



I’ve since bought cotton yarn to make a bigger, lighter one for spring. Such a lovely sweater.

I’m not sure there’s a way to fix it. Mr. Baby already outgrew it which is why it needed a wash. But now it’s super teeny and is full of “booboos.”

Boo hoo.

Also late: a little love

Valentine’s style.

Better late than never.

My favorite Simplicity 9958. Two identical pieces, takes only about a yard of fabric.

This is the only boxer pattern I’ve ever used for Mr. Husband and we’ve customized it a bit to suit his taste. Shorter legs. Velcro dots across opening. Nice underwear elastic.

Kids Clothes Week, delayed edition

My parents ended up spending that whole week with us. Only downside to that, and I do mean the only, was that I got done zero sewing that whole week.

I am late in getting my upcycled projects made:

Shorts finally cut from camo skirt.

camoflage skirt


Same shorts from skullie denim skirt. This was a really tight squeeze, so the inside of the waistband might have to come from something else.


skull denim skirt


And while at it, more shorts cut from an old remnant of navy terrycloth I had bought to make a romper for a now-8-year-old nephew.


Pile of t-shirts and sweatshirts to cannibalize remain in a pile in the sewing room. Mr. B could use some decent sweats…