How to… line baby pants with flannel

I bought a bunch of flannel that day on sale at the Jojo, thinking to make mostly bibs. But then the airplane pants got me thinking about more flannel pants and then about lining pants with one of these cutie flannel prints.

I wondered if I cut the same pattern pieces from fabric and flannel, could I sew each pair, and then put them together? Then if we folded the cuffs up, the flannel DJ print would show

But of course, Jojo didn’t cut the fabric straight so I ended up with less than the exact half yard I needed. And I already had cut the khaki fabric the right size from Simplicity 1564.


So I cut the flannel pieces lining the pattern pieces up at the bottom and leaving some length off the waistband. Turned the print upside down so the folded up cuffs would show the print right-side up.

Sewed the khaki pieces together entirely. Sewed the flannel pieces together, leaving a good 3″ opening in the inner leg seams. Sewing the cuffs together made a mess, so I had to pick them out. Sewed the two at the waist instead and pressed open, then lined up the crotches. Pressed the top, folded over the waist to form a casing for the elastic.

See? Here’s what it looks like:


A khaki waistband.

Normal khakis outside. Secret flannel lining inside. Carefully used the inner leg openings to stitch the cuffs together at the bottom, right sides together, then slip stitch the leg openings shut.

pants O khakis DJ flannel lining s5164 size L 18 mos


I didn’t topstitch the cuffs. Figured he’ll wear them first then we’ll see if that’s needed.

  1. These look great, I have tried lined pants so many times and I always end up with a different product and a headache.

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