Attention Big 4 pattern companies! (aka lousy patterns available for boys)

It’s so stupid, too. I *KNOW* it’s more fun to sew for little girls. I had those dreams myself of what I’d make if a lady baby popped out and it took a second to deal with those thoughts when a gentleman emerged instead.

But boys need clothes, too. And their stuff can be incredibly dapper in a very different way. Also THEIR MOMS WANT TO SEW FOR THEM.

I typically do buy patterns from the Big 4 because they often on sale and don’t need to be assembled. That said, the offerings stink as much for teeny gentlemen as they do for full-sized ones. Really limited. Impractical. Pajamas galore. I wish they’d kick us a bone and step it up a bit.

For every day, this baby needs plain knit and fleece pants. Knit shirts (raglans please) and sweatshirts and hoodies. The occasional one-piece knit romper. In general, as few buttons as possible.

Clothes with really basic lines that would work for children regardless of gender. Here’s a rare example of how to make one pattern work for both – I just wish it’d been designed as clothes instead of outerwear.

s1546 baby outerwear copy

Old Navy and Target and even Kohls sell cute and simple every day stuff for boys, so it is possible to do.

Meanwhile, I study line drawings. I’m using the leggings from this number and ignoring the rest.

The pants from this set, also outerwear.

S1564 baby separates copy

Meanwhile, I checked Sewing for Boys out of the library.

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