Damn damn damn tiny waist!

Look what I found.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Purple, rustly party dress.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Dropped waist, square neck, little  cap sleeves, back straps I’ve never seen before.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Feels and moves and sounds like silk taffeta.

And it’s made by a talented designer, sold originally in an exclusive shop.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

But damnit! The tiny waist! The teeny tiny waist.

I can’t risk hurting it. I love this dress too much to harm it. Someone else should have it.

    • nasus
    • December 10th, 2011

    I recently found a cancelled check from 1961 on the sidewalk near my house in Wilmette, IL. It fascinated me for so many reasons, not the least of which because it was made out to Ann Sunshine Naomi Wise inc. I realize this is an old post…do you still have the dress? Have you ever seen this label before or since?

    • Ah, I sold the dress because it didn’t fit. Had a super tiny waist. I’ve looked since for her stuff but nothing’s popped up yet… Mind if I ask how much the check was for?

        • nasus
        • December 30th, 2011

        So sorry, I forgot about this post. Until now. My kids are home from college and I was sharing the story of my “found” with them. The check was for $34.85 and was dated Dec. 12 1961. Almost 50 years to the day from when I found it. So weird.

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